Log in: Berkshire Bank Secured Visa® Card Account

To login to to your account with Berkshire Bank Secured Visa® Card, go to the bank home page, you will find the login box upper page, right corner under online banking.

To have an account with Berkshire Bank Secured Visa® Card, go to the bank home page and click on the black button Apply Here.

Secured Credit Card berkshire bank.com

Click Continue to fill the bank form. After you fill the form click go to the next step.

It is Fast and easy application process to fill the form and have an account to be able to login to the Berkshire Bank Secured Visa® Card.
Apply in just minutes, get approved even If you have damaged or no credit history, the bank process your information and all of your information to see if you qualify.

The bank Guarantee Approval Even if you have damaged credit or no credit history! Just open an FDIC insured savings deposit account.

The bank doesn’t charge any application fees.  Low fixed interest rates with no penalty rate. Reports to al three nationwide bureaus. Guaranteed Approval As Long As Your Monthly Income Exceeds Your Monthly Expenses By $100 or More!


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