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If you signed up for RedCard online, you should get a RedCard number and put it in your Target wallet. Targets credit card is also available as a debit card, which is not a credit card because purchases are charged from a checking bank account linked to your debit card. The Target credit card can offer great savings thanks to the 5% Target Discount on purchases in Target stores and online, especially if you shop at Target often. The stores credit card can be used at Target retail locations as well as online purchases at the Target websites.

Since Target offers both the store charge card and the Target Mastercard, you can apply for the one that fits your needs. The Target Credit Card gives consumers a choice between the store charge card and the MasterCard-branded credit card: purchases are allowed everywhere MasterCard is accepted. The only card that is usable is Targets RedCard MasterCard, which is accepted in places that take MasterCard, including ATMs Target RedCard MasterCard. For someone buying lots of stuff from Target, and someone likely to repay their balance in short order, a Target Credit Card might be a great option, thanks to 5% rebates and a lack of annual fees.

The higher interest rates of The Target RedCard can result in the interest charges wiping out any savings you get from discounts. Keep in mind, however, that the 5 percent discount from RedCard applies to the amount spent on the card after all other discounts are applied. Even though you will not receive 1% back in rewards for purchases made on the RedCard, you still can benefit from other offers and benefits. While Target offers 5% savings on purchases, other credit cards offer cashback, which is when a credit card issuer reimburses a percentage of what a cardholder has spent on purchases.

For example, when you sign up to get basic necessities delivered through the Target membership service, you will save 5 percent on using the service, plus 5 percent for using the card–a total savings of 10 percent. Redcard holders who sign up for the Target Circle account get a savings on a variety of discounts that are offered to Target Circle members. It is easy to apply a Target Circle discount and pay for it all in one fell swoop when you scan your barcode into the wallet when you check out. With a single scan, you can pay using your RedCard Credit or Debit Card, as well as redeem Target Circle offers, gift cards, and Target Circle Earnings.

At checkout, a cashier will either scan the barcode from your apps wallet or prompt for your cellphone number in order to apply its Target Circle loyalty program discounts in addition to Targets 5 percent off. Download the Target smartphone app to combine Circle offers, coupons, and REDcard 5% discounts into its wallet function.

One of the exclusive offers is getting 10 percent off coupons the anniversary of the cards opening, as long as you subscribe to Target emails – twice as much savings every day. That is a nice incentive to keep the card open, even if you do not regularly shop at Target anymore.

Of course, because the 5% off Target deal is steep (and applies immediately), this is the better choice for repeat shoppers. Even if you use the card only sometimes, it is worth holding on to because RedCard provides access to exclusive, limited-time discounts on top of everyday savings. Fortunately, Target offers options for its shoppers such as the RedCard for savings every time they shop at Target or shop online.

As long as you are using your card responsibly and not making any RedCard mistakes, it is a great way to save money with each Target purchase. Paying your balance off completely each month and making payments on time, as you should do with your other credit cards and shopping credit strategies, will build credit strength and save you money in late fees and interest penalties, making that 5 percent discount from REDCard worth it. You should not face additional fees as long as you ensure you have enough funds in your checking account to cover all purchases made on your debit card.

Customers also get free shipping on online orders, including two-day shipping on most items, when they pay with either a credit or debit RedCard. RedCard holders may also be targeted with special offers depending on their prior purchases or geographical location.

This update allows certain Target RedCard holders to get all of Target RedCards standard benefits, as well as allow them to use the card to make standard purchases wherever Mastercard is accepted. CVS is now operating all of the Target pharmacies, and this particular bonus benefit of RedCard is no longer available. Frequent shoppers at Target will greatly benefit from the stores popular REDcard, issued through TD Bank, which offers 5 percent off purchases, extended returns periods, and free two-day shipping for items purchased at Targets web site.

Plus, because Targets Prepaid REDcard is sponsored by American Express, it also gives you access to benefits such as purchase protection, roadside assistance hotline, Global Assist(r) Hotline,5 and Entertainment Access(r). The basics The Target Redcard has no annual fees, and is a bit unique in that the Target Redcard is offered as both a traditional credit card, as well as a debit card, which draws directly from your bank account, and does not require a credit check to sign up. While store-branded credit cards do not earn you miles you can put toward your next vacation, some do allow you to save significant amounts on everyday expenses, and in the case of the Target REDCard, on some hotel bookings, too.

Last Updated on June 9, 2022


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