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Banco KDB do Brasil S.A. is a subsidiary of the Korea Development Bank (KDB), which is a 100% government-owned development bank in South Korea.


Korea Development Bank (KDB) was founded in 1954 with the primary purpose of restructuring the national industrial sector by providing capital, especially to base industries, energy, coal, and cement.
Over time, KDB has evolved into a major player among global investment banks, offering long-term industrial financing.
In Brazil, Banco KDB do Brasil S.A. is controlled 99.9999% by KDB and is authorized by the Brazilian Central Bank to operate as a multiple bank (under code 076).

Activities and Services

Commercial Activities: Banco KDB do Brasil primarily engages in commercial activities, offering credit services to Brazilian companies.
Representation of Non-Resident Investors: The bank represents non-resident investors in accordance with Resolution CMN No. 4,373 of September 29, 2014.
Foreign Exchange Market: Banco KDB operates in the foreign exchange market.
Investment Banking: The bank also operates in the investment banking segment.

Important Notices

Fraud Alerts:
Be aware that malicious individuals may falsely identify themselves as representatives of Banco KDB do Brasil.
They may offer personal loans, mortgages, or vehicle financing through advertisements in newspapers, websites, social media, and phone calls. They often demand upfront payments for “guarantees” or “fees.”
Banco KDB does not engage in retail banking, personal loans, or credit card operations. It does not provide guarantees to individuals or third parties.
Homonymous Transactions:
Third-party companies using the abbreviation “KDB” are conducting consigned loans and credit card operations with public employees.
These companies have no relationship with Banco KDB do Brasil S.A.

Contact Information

Banco KDB do Brasil S.A. maintains relationships solely through its team of directors and corporate relationship managers.
Address: Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima 3400, 15th floor, Suite 152, São Paulo, São Paulo, 04538-132, Brazil12.
For more specific details about their internet banking services, we recommend visiting their official website or contacting them directly. Unfortunately no English language is available on the website.

Last Updated on May 6, 2024

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