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The Internet bank of Bank Khreschatyk, Kiev, Ukraine was declared by NBU Bank Khreschatyk insolvent In 2016.

According to Kyiv Post, news published on 5th of April 2016, The National Bank informed the shareholders about the critical condition of liquidity in the bank, but there were no actual proposals from the shareholders to restore liquidity. Given this, the regulator decided to declare the bank insolvent,” the banker explained.

She also noted that Kyiv City State Administration, which owns a 25 percent stake in the bank, was ready to carry out its recapitalization and made the relevant decision to inject an additional Hr 150 million to its capital.

“At the same time, this amount had to be received after a similar action on the part of the bank’s major shareholders, who did not fulfill their part of the agreement,” she noted.

Deputy Managing Director of the Individuals’ Deposit Guarantee Fund Andriy Olenchyk, in turn, said that the fund, as provided by law, started the procedure of the bank’s administration.

Last Updated on June 9, 2022

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