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Important notes about the login and How to login

As a shareholder you can use BankNordik’s shareholder portal to access information on your holding, request your admission card for the AGM, appoint a proxy, receive investor information via email, etc.

Log in
Investors from Denmark may use NemID to access the shareholder portal, while other investors need a password to log in. If you have not received a password already, please go to/visit this page on the bankNordik website: https://portal.computershare.dk/portal/index.asp?page=newPassword&asident=06450 which is  the page of Forgotten password/Request login to request access to the shareholder portal.

Electronic investor information
The shareholder portal offers shareholders the possibility of receiving electronic investor information on BankNordik such as notices to the general meetings, annual reports and company announcements via e-mail. If you wish to receive such information you need to register your email address once you have accessed the portal. The shareholder portal is developed by Computershare A/S. If you need support, please contact Computershare on info@computershare.dk.

To login to your account, you will find the log in  box by visiting the home page of the BankNordik’s website :    https://www.banknordik.com/  – The log in box is in the upper right corner under Log on. Click on Log on and enter your login username/securities account no. and password and then click login. 

To apply for an account with BankNordik, please use the following contacts details and you can reach them by email, phone or mobile:

Árni Ellefsen
Chief Executive Officer
Phone: +298 330 348
Mobile: +298 230 348

Carl Herup Olsen
Investor Relations Manager
Phone: +298 330 467
Mobile: +298 230 467

Rúna N. Rasmussen
Communication Consultant
Phone: +298 330 478
Mobile: +298 230 478

apply or login to your account with banknordik

Founded in 1906 in the Faroe Islands, BankNordik is a strong and profitable banking and insurance group in the Nordic region. The Group provides financial services to individuals, commercial and corporate customers, with activities encompassing: banking, pension and insurance in the Faroe Islands, banking and pension in Denmark and Greenland. In addition to the overarching BankNordik brand, the Group operates insurance activities under the brand Trygd and a real estate brokerage under the brand of Skyn in the Faroe Islands. The BankNordik Group has 387 employees. It is incorporated in the Faroe Islands and is listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen.

BankNordik is a source of finance and a trusted financial partner, generating financial value directly for their customers, suppliers, business partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. The Bank also generates social value through the benefits the Bank’s products bring to their customers; through the taxes paid; and through the Bank’s community involvement.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/banknordik-torshavn-faroeislands/