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To login

In order to login to your account with Banque Commerciale Internationale (BCI), please visit their  website home page : http://www.bci.banquepopulaire.com/index.php    –  The website’s language is French, if you don’t speak French, you can switch to English language, by placing the cursor/mouse on any blank space on the page, then click the left button of your mouse, then click on translate to English. The log in box is in the upper right corner of the home page, under Compte en ligne Acces a vos comptes, which translation is access to your account onine. Click on acces a vos compte, enter your login and password (mot de passe)and click on valider to login to your account with Banque Commerciale Internationale (BCI)

To become a client

You can become a client of  Banque Commerciale Internationale (BCI), by visiting the home page of their website. On the top right corner of the home page, click on Devenir Client, which is become a client. you will be able to check different services and accounts and learn about all the privileges and all the BCI’s offers. You can switch to English as explained above. You can contact the bank to learn about how to become a client and learn about all procedures to open an account with Banque Commerciale Internationale (BCI).

Please check the following screenshot for you guidance

CONTACT Banque Commerciale Internationale (BCI). This is the direct link of the contact page:  http://www.bci.banquepopulaire.com/contact.php

By mail :

To send a mail directly to your agency, click on the corresponding region of the heading ” OUR AGENCIES “, and find the complete coordinates of your agency.

By telephone :

You can Oppose your bank card, in case of loss or theft in several ways:

By physically introducing you to your agency;
By writing a letter to your agency or central mail;
By calling (24h / 24, 7d / 7) at +242 718 22 87 (valid for private cards and VISA), or the international VISA opposition center at + 33 8 92 705 705 (valid only for VISA cards).

Online :

Fill out the form in the following link http://www.bci.banquepopulaire.com/contact.php   – and send it to BCI and the bank will spare no effort to provide answers as soon as possible.

NB : For any application (internship, recruitment …), you can fill the form on page Human Resources and this is the link: http://www.bci.banquepopulaire.com/recrutement_candidature.php


banque commerciale internationale bci

BCI was created on October 4, 2006 following the liquidation of COFIPA . At that date, as a subsidiary of the Banque Populaire Group, it took over part of the assets and liabilities of the former COFIPA as well as almost all the staff. Since 2011, Banque Commerciale Internationale has benefited from the experience of the new Groupe BPCE (merger of the Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne groups), the second largest banking group in France.
With Natixis, Groupe BPCE is also a major player in corporate finance, management and financial services. BCI Banque Commerciale Internationale is today a benchmark player in the Congolese banking landscape, with solid overall performance.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

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