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To login to your account, visit La Congolaise de Banque LCB’swebsite home/front page : http://lcb-bank.com/   – in the upper right corner click on LCB NET, then enter your Subscriber number and Secret code and then click on valider, to login to your account.

To become a client, contact the bank at:

Adresse : Avenue Amilcar cabral-Brazzaville Congo
Tél. : (242) 05 310 11 57 / 93
Fax : (242) 22 281 09 77
B.P : 2889
Web : www.lcb-bank.com
Email: contact@lcb-bank.com  Or send them a message through their direct contact page link:  http://lcb-bank.com/contact/

lcb bank la congolaise de banque

The DRC’s banking system includes the BCC and 18 commercial banks, as well as savings / credit cooperatives, microfinance institutions, financial transfer services and a development bank, SOFIDE. A postal control system and several credit unions exist, but most of these institutions do not work well, if at all. Citibank-RDC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Citigroup, is the only US bank in the DRC.

Most commercial banks in the DRC do not require the payment of service fees to open bank accounts. Most banks require individuals and businesses to have a minimum deposit of $ 100. Some banks, such as Citibank and Standard Bank, do not engage in commercial banking activity but only work with corporate and institutional clients.

Although the banking system is gradually developing, especially after the CRDG has forced public servants to collect their salaries by wire transfer, most bank accounts are only used to receive paychecks, which are usually fully withdrawn soon after their deposit.

Founded in 2004, La Congolaise de Banque (LCB), a public limited company with a capital of 10 billion CFA francs, is currently in a phase of sustained growth. Its commercial network has grown to 20 agencies in 2015.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

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