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How to login and how to become a client? The website is offered in French language. If you don’t speak French, you can simply place the cursor/mouse on any blank space in the page and click the right mouse button, then click translate to English or choose any other language. This is the link of the website : https://www.banque-tahiti.pf/fr   – Visit/go to the home page of https://www.banque-tahiti.pf/fr    Banque de Tahiti webiste. To login click on Mon Espace client, which is located in the home page upper right corner (please check the following screenshot). Then enter your login ID and password (mot de passe) then click on ouvrir une session

 If you want to become a client, go to the home page, click on Devenir Client (which is become a client) – it is located in the home page, upper right corner beside the Mon espace client (the login box as explained above) – Select the subject from the first box no 1 step – then select the second request which is in French “demande d’ouverture de compte a distance, which is in English request to open an account. Then enter your message, explain the service details that you are seeking then click on page suivante, which is next page. then enter your information in step 2, then finished which is termine as shown in last step point 3. Please check the following screenshot whether to login or to become a client with Bank of Tahiti

particuliers banque de tahiti

The Bank of Tahiti was created in 1969 by Jean Bréaud. It is a generalist local bank operating in all sectors of the market: individuals, businesses and professionals, the public territorial sector and real estate development.
It offers its clients the full range of products and services of a commercial bank: deposit and cash management, payment methods, credit and financing, wealth management … as well as all insurance products.
The Bank of Tahiti is part of Groupe BPCE. Thus, for more complex and advanced products meeting technical and tailor-made needs, the Bank of Tahiti is able to offer a wider range of products and services.

Today, the Bank of Tahiti has 17 branches including 9 New Concepts, 1 center dedicated to the clientele of Professionals, 1 Private Banking Management Service and a regional development bank. In 2016, the Bank of Tahiti also became one of the two TPE electronic banking operators in the French Polynesia. For a few years, it has been opening up to all digital and electronic innovations that are important for its customers’ needs.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/banquedetahiti-papeete-tahiti-frenchpolynesia/