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Website: To visit Banque Misr website, this is the link : The website is offered in both English and in Arabic languages. The language box is in the home page, upper right corner. Logging in to your account with Banque Misr: The login box is in the home page, upper right corner, under BM Online. Click on BM Online, and then click on for customers online services, click where it says click here, if you are a customer online service. Or click on for merchants online services, click where it says click here, if you are a merchant online service. Depends of the type of account you have with Banque Misr. Then enter your user name and password and login to your account with Banque Misr. 

To become a customer of Banque Misr, You visit the home page as mentioned above and do the same steps as if you are logging in to your account and then click on kindly download the application, fill the form, submit it online or visit the nearest branch.

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96 years ago, the Egyptian economist Mohamed Talaat Harb Pasha introduced the idea of ​​establishing a bank with a message and implemented this idea and presented it to the Egyptian society as a whole. This message is to invest national savings and guide it to economic and social growth. From 1920 to 1960, the Bank established 26 companies in various economic sectors including textile, insurance, transport, aviation and film industry. The Bank continued to support all its activities with the same growth rate.

The number of projects the Bank is currently contributing to 162 projects in different fields to serve the national economy including 8 joint banks , 24 industrial projects , 21 tourism projects , 22 residential projects , 20 agricultural and food projects , 28 financial projects , 15 service projects and 9 projects in the field of ICT This is in addition to 15 groups d. Ahmed Bahgat . The bank has also established two of the largest investment funds in Egypt.

The role of Banque Misr is evident in all economic fields, based on its geographical spread through its numerous branches inside and outside the republic and the network of correspondents around the world.  Bank Misr is the leading bank in establishing the latest rules for banking systems and services in Egypt. It has a computer center, which is associated with most of its branches. It is one of the largest computer centers in the Middle East. The computer communications network extends to cover most of its branches in the Republic. Bank Misr also has a large network of ATMs that are spread throughout most of the Republic

Last Updated on August 3, 2022