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  • Whether you would like to login or become a client of Banque Tarneaud, you visit the home page https://www.tarneaud.fr/  – You will find the log in to the Internet bank of Banque Tarneaud, Limoges, France by log on to their website’s homepage. The log in box is in the upper right corner of the site, under mes comptes, just enter your password and click ok. 
  • You can register a new account with Banque Tarneaud, Limoges, France, it is located under the login box under devenir un client, just click on the arrow beside it and register an account online, by filling the form and submit it online.

log in to banque tarneaud limoges france internet online bank

Tarneaud Bank is a subsidiary of Crédit du Nord Group. Two centuries of existence make Bank Tarneaud (which bears the name of its founder, Jean-Baptiste Tarneaud) one of the oldest French banks. Since 1809, Banque Tarneaud has gradually established itself in 15 departments of the Western Atlantic Center. Since its foundation, Banque Tarneaud has been recognized as a major player in the regional economy, working alongside companies, artisans / tradesmen, the liberal professions and private individuals.

Banque Tarneaud provides various banking products and services to individuals, professionals, and corporate and institutional customers. It offers personal banking products, including savings, credits, and insurance, as well as daily banking services. In addition, it offers financing, cashing, health and pension saving products, as well as insurance payment services to professional customers; and investment and treasury services to corporate and institutional customers. The company markets its products and services through a network of branches located in France. Banque Tarneaud was founded in 1809 and is headquartered in Limoges, France. Banque Tarneaud operates as a subsidiary of Crédit du Nord Société Anonyme.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

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