Log in to Berliner Volksbank, Berlin, Germany ‘s Internet Online Bank

How to login and how to register my account with Berliner Volksbank, Berlin, Germany?

  • The website of Berliner Volksbank is offered in German language, This is the link of the website and the home page : https://www.berliner-volksbank.de/homepage.html
  • If you don’t speak German and need the website in English language, it is so simple and easy. Place the mouse on any blank spage on teh page you would like to read in English. Click on the right mouse button, then select translate to English and the page will be translated.
  • You will find the login box in the home page, upper right corner, under Anmeldung Online-Banking, which means online banking login. Click on it in while it is in German language. You will read in the box after you selected the English translation.  registration online bank login account/depot or corporate clients (approval required). Select the type your type of account and then enter your access data (VR-NetKey and PIN) in the appropriate fields. Select [Login] to display the person / account overview with all accounts for which you have authorization.
  • If you have assigned an alias for your access code (VR-NetKey) , you can enter it in the corresponding field and log in as an alternative.
    When you use the online application for the first time, you will be  prompted to change your PIN for security reasons (forced PIN change).
  • If you would like to apply for access data. You do the same steps as mentioned above for login, as if you are going to login, but instead of selecting the type of account to login, you click on apply  for access data where you see an icon of PDF file application. then fill the application and submit it to the bank online in order to approve it.
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Berliner Volksbank eG provides banking services. The Bank offers current accounts, loans, home finance, savings, mortgages, consultation, private banking, and real estate services. Berliner Volksbank serves customers in Germany

An overview of Berliner Volksbank online services:
Almost all banking services can be done conveniently online. All you need is access to online banking and you’re ready to go.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/berlinervolksbank-berlin-germany/