Log in to Bhutan National Bank, Thimphu, Bhutan ‘s Internet Online Bank

  • To login or to become a client, visit the Bhutan National Bank website’s home page: https://www.bnb.bt/history-of-bnbl/  –   in the home page, upper right corner, scroll a little bit down in the right menu, till you find INTERNET BANKING. Please check the following screenshot in this regard. Click on INTERNET BANKING, Bhutan National Bank. Read the important notice that will appear in the screen and click i agree, and then click close. You will then get the login box, enter your user ID, then select whether classic or contemporary and then enter your password and click sign in. 
  • To become a client, this service is available online. Please copy paste this direct link on your browser  https://www.bnb.bt/forms/  – which is the forms page of all services that you can use with Bhutan National Bank. To open an account or apply for credit cards, or apply for a loan, business or customer loan…in addition to many other services that you can do online, without the need of visiting the bank branch, unless it is necessary and required for further info. 
    • Just select the application form that you are seeking and all you have to do is to click on the application form, save it on your device, fill it and submit it to the bank “online”, and wait for approval or further info that might be required. 
bnblbhutan national bank limited login and become a client forms

The National Bank of Bhutan was established on 25 July 1980 under the name Unit Trust of Bhutan (UTB) with initial funding from Nu. 2.5 million by the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan. The trust operated as a subsidiary of the RICB to inculcate savings habits in the general public and channel resources to the productive sectors.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/bhutannationalbank-thimphu-bhutan/