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  • Visit the Deutsche Postbank’s website home page: https://www.postbank.de/postbank/index.html  – Whether to login or to become a client.  
  • The website is offered in German language, if you would like to translate any page to English or any other language, all you need to do, is to stand with the mouse on any bank space of the page, then click on the mouse right button, then select to English or any other language. 
  • The login box is located in the home page, upper right corner. Click on login then select the type pf account or service that you have with the Postbank. Whatever the account you are going to select from the login menu. you will be asked to enter your account number and PIN and then click on login. 
  • To become a client, you need to contact the bank to know the process, 0228 5500 5536 or if you need to visit the bank, you can go to the home page, and click on branch, it is in the home page, upper right corner on the same menu where the login box/icon is located. Click on branch and find the branch that is near to you. 
postbank germany to login or to become a client

The company was founded in 1928 as Beamten-Heimstättenwerk, after World War II, it moved its registered office to Hameln. In 1990, it was re-organised as BHW Holding GmbH to become BHW Holding AG later, followed by an initial public offering in 1997. In 2006, Deutsche Postbank acquired more than 90% of BHW’s shares and made an offer to remaining shareholders. It finally completed the acquisition in February 2008, taking the company private.

The private, business and corporate customer business under the Postbank brand is part of DB Privat- und Firmenkundenbank AG with a total of 20 million customers. Postbank offers its customers a unique combination of simple and inexpensive everyday banking products as well as postal services.

The approximately 13 million Postbank customers have access to a comprehensive personal and digital service and advisory network. For example, they can choose from a nationwide branch network with around 850 own branches, 4,000 partner branches of Deutsche Post and 700 advisory centers of Postbank Finanzberatung. Or they can be conveniently advised by the approximately 2,500 mobile consultants and brokers at home. In addition, Postbank online and telephone banking occupies a leading position in Germany. Over 9 million customer accounts are each unlocked for these digital channels.

Around 300,000 companies in Germany are Postbank customers. In the area of ​​business customers self-employed persons, freelancers, tradesmen, associations and condominiums are looked after. In doing so, Postbank Corporate Clients AG relies on its core competencies. It offers simple and attractive solutions for payment transactions, commercial real estate financing, classic corporate finance for SMEs, factoring and leasing, and asset management.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

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