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Contact the bank to learn whether or not you can access online services, whether you are already a client or wants to become a client because it doesn’t show clearly on the website: https://www.groupensia.com/   –  nsiabanque.ci@groupensia.com   – Tel. : +225 20 20 07 20   – CRC. : +225 80 200 800   – Fax : +225 20 20 07 00  0

HOW TO ACCESS YOUR ACCOUNTS ONLINE (this is the available info)

To access your private area, you will need a username and password. To obtain them, you can:

o Visit one of their branches in Abidjan or in Province, or

o Make the request by email at nsiabanque.ci@groupensia.com or by private courier on their Facebook page @NSIABanqueCI

NSIA Bank replaces BIAO. This change of visual identity that follows the acquisition of the century-old bank by Jean Kacou Diagou corresponds to the strategic objectives of unifying the visual identity and consolidation of a brand (NSIA) that intends to hoist the banking pole at the same level as the insurance which is, without any doubt, the spearhead of the institution.

The NSIA developed the bank in the coming years that followed the replacement, which probably explains the option to have sold the shares of the ECP fund to a Canadian bank rather than Swiss Re.
If the legitimacy of this change of corporate name is not the subject of any question, there are many in the West African business community to regret the name BIAO, historical in more ways than one for an establishment that was an institute of emission time. The change was decided remember at the end of an extraordinary general meeting on November 5, 2013. The green light from the Ministry of Finance intervened on March 21, 2014 by order No. 106 / MPMEF / DGTCP / DT. Thus, the former name BIAO Côte d’Ivoire, abbreviated as BIAOCI, is replaced by NSIA Banque Côte d’Ivoire, abbreviated NSIA Banque CI.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

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