Log in to BN Bank ASA, Trondheim, Norway ‘s Internet Online Bank

How to login to your BN bank  ASA, Trondheim, Norway  account?

  • If you speak Norwegian then you don’t have a problem visiting the BN bank and know your way around. But if you don’t speak Norwegian and you speak English or any other language, you too don’t have a problem.
  • If you want to translate the entire website to any other language other than Norwegian, this is pretty easy. Just place the mouse.cursor or any blank space on the targeted page. Click on the right button of the mouse, a small box will appear, select English language, or click on options and select any language that you seek. So simple and easy.
  • Go to the home page of the BN bank’s website: https://www.bnbank.no/
  • The login box is in the home page, upper right corner under Log in to online banking, which is in Norwegian  Logg inn nettbank. 
  • Select your login method which is step 1:
    • which is either to click on Bank ID  (Here you log in with BankID from BN Bank or another bank. If you have BankID from several banks, in the next picture you can choose which one to use by clicking “Select another BankID” under the one-time code field.)
    • Or select BankID on mobile (Here you use your mobile to log into the online bank. If you have not activated BankID on mobile, this must be done in the online bank by logging in with BankID or code chip from BN Bank.)
    • Or by selecting Code Chip / Token Card ( Here you use code chip or code card from BN Bank to log into the online bank. For company, user name is 00 + org. )
  • To proceed to step 2, you must select the login method. 

How to become a client/customer with BN bank ASA, Trondheim, Norway ?

  • To become a client of BN bank, visit the home page of their website, on the left side upper left corner of the home page. Click on become a customer, which is in Norwegian Bli kunde.
  • The next page will read, You are three steps away from becoming a customer in Norway’s best bank! Switching banks is easier than you think. Most things you do yourself in the online bank, but it is still important to do things in the right order.  Follow the recipe below in the page to get a simple and smooth transition process.
    • 1. Become a customer It all starts with using your BankID to create online banking, checking account and bank card with BN bank. Once you have completed this process, you are automatically logged into the online bank.

    • 2. Create accounts and cards Maybe you want a community account with a cohabitant, or extra savings account as a buffer? Once inside the online bank you can easily create multiple accounts and cards under the menu item “Open new account” in the main menu.

    • 3. Change bank
      Once accounts and cards are created, you can complete the bank swap. You can either do this all by yourself, or BN bank can help you. Further down the page you will find a recipe for how you can easily do this yourself, and if you want BN bank to help you, press the link where is mentions here in blue color. This is the link to it, you can copy and paste in the Google search box address:  https://www.bnbank.no/person/dagligbruk/bli-kunde/bytt-bank-hjelp/   – Or simply click on it while you are on the page as explained above.

      • Easy bank exchange
        You as a customer are important to BN bank and they want to help you get started with a bank exchange. There are just a few small steps you need to do yourself, – the rest they do it for you Follow the recipe below as you see it on the page, and you will get a simple and flexible change of bank.

        • 1. Get started
          It all starts with using your BankID to create online banking, checking account and bank card with BN bank. Once you have completed this process, you are automatically logged into the online bank.

        • 2. Fill out the bank swap form
          Once you have received bank cards in the mail and transferred money to your new account, everything is ready to fill out the bank swap form found in the online bank.

        • 3. BN bank fixes the rest for you
          Account and card are terminated in previous bank
          Balance on account is transferred to a new account at BN Bank. They  move your Agreement Giros. They help you with a bank swap – proceed to the bank swap form.

mortgage savings and checking account bn bank norway how to login and become a client

BN Bank is a nationwide bank for corporate and personal customers. BN bank is owned by SpareBank1 banks and has its head office in Trondheim, as well as an office in Oslo. BN Bank is a nationwide bank without branches, where the customer can do what they need via network and telephone. BN Bank ASA provides banking services. The Bank offers payment, real estate financing, corporate loans, deposits, and Pricing business services. BN Bank serves customers in Norway.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/bnbankasa-trondheim-norway/