Log in to Canadia Bank, Phnom Penh, Cambodia ‘s Internet Online Bank

The login box on Canadia Bank’s website, is located in the home page, upper left corner, under Sign in. This is the link of the website https://www.canadiabank.com.kh/en/index.aspx  Click on Sign in, enter your user ID, password,  security code and sign in to your account. 

If you would like to register an account for online access, the register box is located in the same link provided above. The register in under the sign in box. Click on register, you will get bank instructions and requirements for registration: 

You must have an account with Canadia bank, a personal e-mail address and mobile number, complete the applicable application form.

For Individual Customer (uploaded on 28.07.2015 )  and For Corporate Customer (uploaded on 28.07.2015)
Please follow these simple steps to get started with Canadia Internet/Mobile Banking services:

Download and complete the customer form so you can have access to your accounts through the internet or the mobile application. Visit any Canadia Bank branch to submit your registration form and other required documents, then sign in front of the Customer Service Officer. Your User Name (USER ID) and password to access Canadia Internet/Mobile Banking will be sent to your registered e-mail address. Then, you are requested to Log in immediately to change your temporary password to activate your Canadia Internet/Mobile Banking. Should you have any inquiries, please contact the nearest branches or Contact Center via (+855) 23 868 222.

If you would like to open any account type with Canadia bank, use the home page link https://www.canadiabank.com.kh/en/index.aspx  Choose the account type from the main menu, personal banking, business banking private banking as the following screenshot shows, and any account type that you will select o click on it, you will have full details from Canadia bank about terms, required documents…etc which will guide you about all requirements  for teh process of opening a bank account with Canadia bank. You will be asked to visit the nearest branch to open a bank account.

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Last Updated on June 7, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/canadiabank-phnompenh-cambodia/