Log in to Chartway Federal Credit Union ‘s Internet Online Bank

Chartway Federal Credit Union made it very easy and simple for their customers/future possible clients, whether you want to login or open a new account or use any other services, it’s all in the same place in the home page of the bank’s website. For instance, if you need to login to your account with Chartway FCU, you visit the home page https://www.chartway.com/  the login box in in the upper right corner of the page, under online banking login. Enter your username, password and login to your account. 

Let’s say now, if you are a new client and would like to open an account, or apply for a loan or apply for a credit card, you visit the home page of Chartway Federal Credit Union, and the link is provided above. You will find the open an account option in the upper right corner, click on it and go with the process online. You will get three options, asking you what would you like to do, open an account, or apply for a loan, or apply for a credit card. Select the service you need, and go with the process online, you will be asked some questions and based on your inquiries the bank will be able to serve your needs. The process online is very easy and simple, so just go with the process online till you submit your request for approval. 

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The fee for sending domestic or international wires
As a member of Chartway Federal Credit Union you can send or receive wired funds. Please note that Chartway cannot send International Wires but they can receive them (certain restrictions apply) and they cannot send or receive a wire that utilizes a SWIFT code. If you are interested in sending an international wire you can try Western Union or Moneygram. If you would like to set up an outgoing wire or ensure you are providing the correct routing and account number to receive a wire, please call Chartway at 757-552-1000 or 800-678-8765 or stop by any one of their branches. For a list of applicable fees please view Rate and Fee Schedule in this link https://www.chartway.com/content/docs/Disclosure-of-Account-Fees-current.pdf

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/chartwayfederalcreditunion/