Log in: Adirondack Trust Company MasterCard or Visa Account

You will find the login to your account with Adirondack Trust Company MasterCard or Visa by logging in to their website :

  • https://www.adirondacktrust.com/personal/borrow/credit-cards/
  • The log in box is in the upper right corner of the site. Enter your user name and password and login to your account. 
  • Adirondack Trust Company MasterCard or Visa offers that you can register an account to Improve cash flow, track expenses and enjoy plenty of other benefits such as a year-end summary report that shows total spending for the year by category. They offer both Visa and MasterCard credit cards.
  • In order to apply for Adirondack Trust Company MasterCard or Visa, you need to contact the Adirondack Trust Company, and the following is the direct link to their customer services message online, phones and email: https://www.adirondacktrust.com/about/contact/
adirondack trust company mastercard or visa

The Adirondack Trust Company goes above and beyond to create solutions for people, businesses and the community.

As a successful independent Bank that’s been serving this area for more than a century, they are vested in your success and committed to taking you and the community to greater heights. They deliver innovative banking products and outstanding, personal customer service.

Adirondack Trust provides solutions and expert consultation in banking, insurance and wealth management for a comprehensive and diversified approach to your financial services needs.

Adirondack Trust founded in 1901 in Saratoga Springs, NY to finance ventures in Upstate New York. In 1937, Adirondack Trust took the initial steps toward automation and opened the region’s first drive-up window for banking.

The Adirondack Trust Company was instrumental in the rebirth of Saratoga Springs, leading the building of a modern, stock-holder-owned hotel, financing the construction of the Saratoga Springs Performing Arts Center and supporting a brilliant expansion plan by Skidmore College. Adirondack Trust took leadership roles and volunteer positions in numerous civic, government and community organizations.

Adirondack Trust quickly incorporated technological advancements as they became available, implementing computers in 1962 and automated teller machines in 1980. In 1987, computers supported the launch of the Bank’s trust department. In 2000, Adirondack Trust started WebWise Online Banking.

By the end of the 20th century, Adirondack Trust had financed some of the major projects of the period, including new commercial buildings downtown, adaptive reuse of a large mill, an expansion of the city’s senior living complex, and an elegant hotel restoration. The Bank continued to grow, adding an insurance division, state-of-the art products and services, and the Mabee Building near their main office that houses their insurance and wealth management divisions, as well as ground-level retail space. Adirondack Trust helps as many local people and businesses as possible, and they have stayed true to this philosophy since 1901.

Last Updated on October 29, 2019

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