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The first student credit union in Miami became a reality in 1988 when it was created by visionary students from the Associate Government Associations (ASG), including Randi Thomas, Jeff Carpenter and Mike Thomas. The credit union was created at the initiative of ASG; the origin came from the need for a financial institution on campus to serve the students.

To illustrate the problem, these students were selected by the GSS in their New York office. The chief financial officer of the University of Miami contributed $ 98,000 to the credit union activities.

Since its inception, the first Miami has become a financial institution that provides all financial services. The current assets of the fund are $ 600,000, according to its main users, the students.

First Miami has become a student credit union focused on educating its members about the financial issues and ways in which students can get good credit.

  • You will find the log in to your account with First Miami Student Credit Union Visa by logging in to their website’s home page: https://www.fmscu.org/
    • The log in box is in the left upper corner in the main menu of the home page. Once you click on online banking, you will get two options:
    • Whether to login with visa account login, or to login with internet banking login. Choose the one that serves your need with of First Miami Student Credit Union Visa. Enter your user name and password and login to your account with First Miami Student Credit Union Visa.

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  • Many sites like First Miami Student Credit Union Visa offers that you can register an account from the main menu, by clicking on products and services. Choose the service you need to register/create an account, and have your account created/registered  with  First Miami Student Credit Union Visa.

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In early 2019, First Miami upgraded their main RCO processor to CU Answers. A new processor means new products / services for their members. These services include:

  • Mobile banking in the form of an FMSCU application (down in March)
  • Remote deposit for checks
  • A simplified online banking site with more features
  • Online bill payment
    Online account opening and loan applications
    Easy money transfers from one member to another
  • More to come later in the year!

Here are some important dates and information upgrade:

  • The online banking login information will change when the system is upgraded. Members will receive login instructions for the first time.
  • Account history will not be on the new online banking platform until you start using your account on the new system.
  • Members will be receiving 2 statements in the month of January.
  • The final RCO statement (1/1/2019 – 1/11/2019)
  • Your first CU*BASE statement (1/12/2019 – 1/31/2019).
  • Accounts are changing slightly. Your membership number will remain the same but the way First Miami identifies your account will be different. First Miami will provide an old to new reference which shows your old suffix and the new suffix.
  • MICR will be changing at the time of conversion. However, old checks will continue to clear. Please contact First Miami when you want to order a new check book.

Last Updated on June 7, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/credit-card/firstmiamistudentcreditunionvisa/