Log in to your Jeff Bank Cash Rewards American Express® Card Account

You will find the login to your account with Jeff Bank Cash Rewards American Express® Card by logging in to their website

  • https://www.jeffbank.com
  • The log in box is in the upper right corner of the site under online banking.
  • Click first on the type of account you have whether personal or business.
  • .Enter your access id and password and login to your account.
  • You do not need further support for using the log in to your account with Jeff Bank Cash Rewards American Express® Card since they have modernized their internet banking. Log in to your credit card account from the front page of Jeff Bank Cash Rewards American Express® Card.
  • You can register an account from the home page upper right corner under the online banking box, click on FIRST TIME USER.


  • Click on APPLY FOR A NEW ACCOUNT, it is in the home page under the online banking box.
  • Screenshot of Jeff Bank Cash Rewards American Express® Card .
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The Mastercard Debit Card saves time and offers a safe, convenient way to pay without using checks or cash. Purchases are automatically deducted from the cardholder’s checking account. The Mastercard Debit Cards are accepted at department stores, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and can also be used for purchases made on the Internet. The Mastercard Debit Card combines all the uses of a standard ATM card like access to cash withdrawals and banking transactions, with the added convenience of shopping worldwide–wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Jeff Bank offers many features for their debit card. To learn about a few, please click the “Learn More” tabs below.

EMV Debit Cards
Learn More about EMV Debit Cards at https://www.jeffbank.com/debit-cards/

Learn More about CardValet at https://www.jeffbank.com/debit-cards/

Benefits of the Mastercard Personal and Business Debit Cards
Easier and safer than carrying cash
Smaller than a checkbook
Worldwide acceptance (please call your local branch to let them know anytime that you will be traveling outside of the United States)
Can be used at an ATM for cash withdrawals, transfers or account information
Eliminates check approval hassles (especially when traveling)
No finance charges (unless an overdraft line of credit is activated)
Offers ZERO liability for unauthorized transactions
Recurring bills such as utilities and membership dues can be paid automatically
No fee when used at a Jeff Bank ATM
Can be used for mail, telephone or Internet orders
Helps track spending – purchases appear on your monthly account statement
If you have questions or your Mastercard Debit Card is lost or stolen, call:

(800) 472-3272
(845) 482-4000
or any one of their branches
To activate your Mastercard Debit Card or change your PIN, call: (800) 992-3808.

Last Updated on August 5, 2019

URL: https://log-in.me/credit-card/jeffbankcashrewardsamericanexpresscard/