Log in to your Meijer Platinum MasterCard Exclusive Benefits – from GEMB Account

You will find the log in to your account with Meijer Platinum MasterCard Exclusive Benefits – from GEMB by logging in to their website:

  • https://www.meijer.com/content/content.jsp?pageName=financial_services&icid=redir:creditcard&icid=HP_MMC
  • The log in box is in the upper right corner of the page under my account. Click on my account and then click on sign in. Enter your user name and password and login to your account. 
  • You can register/create an account by using same link provided above, click  on my account and then click on Create an account. Located upper right corner and just go with the process online.
login to meijer credit card

How to use the Meijer Platinum MasterCard:
Redeem all points and rewards certificates prior to their expiration.
Spend at least $1,000 outside of Meijer within the first 90 days to earn a $100 statement credit.
Use the card to pay for all gas purchases at Meijer gas stations
Pay your balance in full every month to avoid higher-than-average interest charges.
Leave the card at home when traveling overseas to avoid a 3 percent foreign transaction fee.

Why get the Meijer Platinum MasterCard?
You already purchase gas at Meijer gas stations.
You put a lot of miles on your car and stand to save considerable money at the pump with 10 cents off per gallon.
You have kids or otherwise require a large budget for grocery shopping.
You can easily spend $1,000 within the first 90 days to qualify for the $100 statement credit.
You don’t plan to carry a balance from month to month.
You want hassle-free redemption options.

Extra-large savings on gas
One of the Meijer Platinum MasterCard’s best features is its 10-cent savings on every gallon of gas purchased at Meijer gas stations. With American drivers consuming an average of 656 gallons per person annually, this automatic discount is no chump change – and those who tend to put a lot of mileage on their vehicles stand to save even more. There’s no minimum purchase required, and signing up for Meijer Gas Alerts means you’ll be notified about price increases by text message so you can gas up before they take effect, keeping a few more pennies in your pocket.

Elsewhere, Meijer Platinum MasterCard holders earn $10 in rewards for every $750 spent, giving each point a value of 1.3 cents. Once in a while, Meijer may grant the ability to earn additional bonus points on specific purchases, the details of which are disclosed at the time of offer. Keep an eye on your email, snail mail and in-store signage so you don’t miss out.

Last Updated on August 16, 2019

URL: https://log-in.me/credit-card/meijerplatinummastercardexclusivebenefits-fromgemb/