Log in to your Platinum Zero Secured Visa Credit Card – from Applied Bank Account

You will find the login to your account with Platinum Zero Secured Visa Credit Card – from Applied Bank by logging in to their website:

  • https://www.askmrcreditcard.com/applied-bank/platinum-zero-secured/
  • The log in box is in the upper right corner of the page. Enter your user name and password and login to your account. 
  • You can register/apply for an account by using the link provided above. Then click on Apply now to create your account  for Platinum Zero Secured Visa Credit Card – from Applied Bank.
platinum zero secured visa credit card from applied bank review

The Applied Bank® Platinum Zero Secure Visa Credit Card is a secure credit card designed for people with poor credit histories.

Fees – There is a monthly maintenance fee of $ 9.95 or $ 119.40 per year. The APR is 0% and (Applied Bank says your rate will not be increased even if your payment is late). This is one of the few cards you’ll see that actually charges an APR of 0% (for what it seems to be for life)

Credit Limits – Your credit limits will be determined by the amount you deposit at Applied Bank. The minimum deposit is $ 500 and the maximum allowed is $ 5,000.

Reporting credit bureaus – Applied Bank reports to credit bureaus.

Peer comparison Platinum Zero

There are fewer and fewer secure credit cards that are specifically sold to people with bad credit. One of the main alternatives is actually another Applied Bank card.

Vs Applied Bank Secured Gold Visa – First, Applied Bank has another secure credit card called simply the Applied Bank Secured Bank Gold Visa. Unlike this card, which applies a 0% APR, Applied Bank Gold Visa applies a TPA of 9.99% for purchases. However, they do not have a grace period. Therefore, even if you pay in full, you will be charged an interest rate. Whether you have a balance or not, we think this card is a much better alternative.

Secured Credit Card Vs Orchard Bank – Orchard Bank is perhaps the largest issuer on the subprime market. They have a secured credit card that charges an annual fee of only $ 35. And their APR is relatively low at 7.90%. Thus, while this card beats the orchard in April, it loses costs.We would say that if you do not plan to carry a balance (which we always recommend to Mr. Credit Card), the Orchard Bank secured credit card is probably the one you want to review. However, if you plan to have a lot of balance, the TPA Platinum Zero 0% could be a better choice. Unfortunately, the portfolio of Orchard Banks has been absorbed by Capital One and no longer markets them aggressively

Should You Get Platinum Zero Secure Visa?

The Applied Bank Platinum Zero Secure Visa Credit Card is one of the few non-billable TAP cards (OK – rather 0%). If your credit is imperfect and you know you will sometimes have a balance, this is the card you should consider. With just an annual fee of $ 119.40 (sum of all monthly maintenance fees), replace this card with any other sub-premium paid credit card.

How to apply for Visa Platinum Zero Secured?
To apply for a Zero Platinum Secure Visa card, simply click on the link on this page https://www.askmrcreditcard.com/applied-bank/platinum-zero-secured/ and you will be taken to the request page. All you have to do is complete what is required and continue from there. At the bottom of the page’s link, is a link to their terms and conditions that you must check before proceeding.

Last Updated on September 4, 2019

URL: https://log-in.me/credit-card/platinumzerosecuredvisacreditcard-fromappliedbank/