Log in to your Save the Children Visa Signature® Credit Card Account

You will find the log in to your account with Save the Children Visa Signature® Credit Card by logging in to their website:

  • https://www.savethechildren.org/us/more-ways-to-help/ways-to-give/ways-to-help

The log in box is in the upper right corner of the site, under Manage My Account. Click on manage my account and login to your account by adding your username and password. Then click on sign in. Or you can sign in to your account by using one of your preferred social networks, facebook, Google+, linkedin or Twitter.  

  • You can create an account by using the same link provided above, click on manage my account and then click on create an account, in order to create/register your account with   Children Visa Signature® Credit Card.
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You believe, as we do, that every child deserves a future. Every last child.

The world has made great progress for children. More children are alive and thriving today than ever before.
But here’s the problem. Millions of children in the U.S. and around the world still aren’t getting what they deserve. We’re talking about children in need. Dying, when the world knows how to save them. Vulnerable children in poverty. Denied an education. Forced to flee violence. Orphaned, abused, abandoned. Children with no reason to smile. No hope for the future.

The world’s children deserve better.

Last Updated on October 8, 2019

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