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The website is only available in in French language, you can use Google translate to switch to any other languages. To do this, place the mouse/cursor on a blank space on the page, then click on the right mouse button and choose translate to English or any other language of your choice.

You will find the login to bank of Crédit du Nord, Paris, France by log on to their website  https://www.credit-du-nord.fr/instit/IPI/appmanager/banque/accueil The log in box is in the upper right corner of the page, under MES COMPTES. Enter your identification number, password and login to your account.

You can become a customer/client of bank Crédit du Nord, Paris, France, Use the same above link for login. Click on DEVENIR CLIENT, which is in English Become a client.  It is in the upper right corner, under the MES COMPTES box. Please check the following screenshot for your guidance. Once you click on DEVENIR CLIENTthere is a box on the upper right corner with title OUVRIR UN COMPTE, which is in English, open an account. You have 3 selection of different types of accounts: Particulier which is Individual in English – Professional – or companies. Select the account type you are seeking, and whatever your selection will be, just click on the account you choose, you will get instructions for each account type that you need to be aware and comply with. For instance:

For Individual account: OPENING AN ACCOUNT, NECESSARY DOCUMENTS: An identity document (national identity card, passport, resident card), proof of address (receipt of rent, France Telecom or EDF / GDF invoice), proof of income (employment contract or salary slip).If you are a non-resident, it is essential to assert your status to provide your bank with proof of your tax domicile abroad, either: a certificate of residence, a copy of the foreign income tax notice,
as a last resort, a certificate of residence from a non-tax authority (town hall, consulate). 

For the opening of a minor’s account, the latter must be accompanied by your legal representative, who must be able to justify your quality (family record book, identity document, extract from birth certificate). 

If you wish, Credit du Nord bank, can take charge of all of your direct debit changes free of charge to allow you to transfer your accounts under the best conditions. To do this, you simply need to: sign a mandate – identify with your adviser the different organizations to contact to make the direct debit changes, give the various supporting documents (Invoices, Taxation notices, etc.) This new completely free service thus frees you from all administrative formalities and simplifies your account.

As explained above, you can simply use Google translation to be able to switch to any other languages, than French language.

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Last Updated on June 7, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/creditdunord-paris-france/