Log in to D. L. Evans Bancorp, Burley, Idaho, United States ‘s Internet Online Bank

How to login to bank of D. L. Evans Bancorp?

Visit D. L. Evans Bancorp website https://www.dlevans.com/ – The log in box is in the right corner of the home page, simply click on Online Banking login, enter your username, password and login to your account.

How to register for online access to use D. L. Evans bank’s online banking services?

Click on online banking login. then click on ENROLL. You will be directed to The consumer Online Banking and E-Document Agreement and Disclosure (agreement) between you and D. L. Evans Bank. Please read the entire document prior to using this service and retain a copy for your records. After reading click on I agree which is at the bottom of the page. Then you will be asked to fill a form, and submit it for approval.

 D. L. Evans Bancorp, Burley, Idaho, United States 's Internet Online Bank

How to apply for a personal or business loan with D. L. Evans Bancorp?

You can apply online or at your local branch. However, you may be required to supply the applicable loan officer with additional documentation. For more information, Use the applicable following hyperlink:
Personal Loans https://www.dlevans.com/mortgages-loans/personal-loans/personal-loans.html
Business Loans https://www.dlevans.com/mortgages-loans/business-loans/commercial-loans.html
Real Estate Loans https://www.dlevans.com/mortgages-loans/real-estate-loans

What documents are needed to apply for a loan with D. L. Evans Bancorp?

A completed loan application (completed online or in a branch)
Current identification if you are not a current D.L. Evans Bank customer
Income verification (Consult with your Loan Officer to determine the exact documentation required.)
Pay Stubs

What is the Routing Number / ABA Number for D.L. EVANS BANK?

124103582 This is the same number for ACH and Wire transactions.

What is the EVANS bank swift code?

D.L. Evans Bank does not have a SWIFT Code. If someone needs to send a foreign or international wire to you, they can use one of the following as an Intermediary Bank:

  • They will also need to state “Further Credit To D.L. Evans Bank 124103582” when requesting the wire.

Bank Name Wells Fargo Routing/ABA # 121000248 Address 877 W Main St, 5th Flr Boise, ID 83702
Bank Name JPMorgan Chase Routing/ABA # 123271978 Address 175 Capitol Blvd Boise, ID 83702

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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