Log in to Danske Bank, Denmark

How to login to Danske Bank, Copenhagen, Denmark?

To login to Danske Bank Denmark, visit their website https://danskebank.dk/en/personal – The website is offered in Dansk and English language. You can select the language that suits you best. The language box is located in the upper right corner of the provided link.

The login box is in the upper right corner under Log in. Click on Log in, select the method you want to login with, whether business online, e banking or mobile pay business or one trader. Enter your login id, password and login to your account.

How to become a customer with Danske bank Denmark?

If you would like to become a customer with Danske bank Denmark, click on become a customer it is in the link mentioned above for the Log in, Click on Apply for account, fill the mandatory fields, and submit the form for approval.

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How do I log on to eBanking the first time?

You need to have a NemID and an eBanking agreement to be able to log on to eBanking.

If you don’t have a NemID, it will be sent to you, when you order eBanking. You will receive a NemID-number, a code card and a temporary password by post. You need all three items the first time you log on.
Go to www.danskebank.dk, click “Log-on” in the top right hand corner and choose eBanking
In the NemID log on box you enter your NemID number, and the temporary password. Click Next
You will then be asked to choose a new password.
Enter your new password, repeat it and click Next
You will be offered to create a personal user ID. Click Next
You may be offered to associate a digital signature to your NemID. Click Next.
You will be asked to enter a code from your code card. Click Next.
You have now created your NemID. Click OK.
If it is the first time you log on to eBanking, you will be asked to register for Danske eBanking. For further help on eBanking, visit this link https://danskebank.dk/en/personal/help/log-on-user-id-password-and–code-card/log-on-to-ebanking# Click on view questions and answers.

How do I order a new password for NemID?

If you contact Technical Support, you can order a new temporary password, which you will receive either by regular mail or in a text message. You can only receive a text message if you have already registered your mobile number for your NemID. If you want to change your password, you can do it in eBanking without requiring a new password.

What are NemID and DanID?

NemID is a joint security solution that gives access to Danske eBanking, skat.dk, borger.dk and other websites, which have adopted NemID.

In future, NemID will be the security solution you have to use when you log on to Danske eBanking. All Danish banks use NemID for online banking. You can choose to use one NemID for everything or to have several NemIDs.

DanID A/S, a wholly owned subsidiary of the PBS Group, will manage NemID. Therefore, you will receive a letter from DanID A/S containing your NemID number and a code card for online banking. read more about NemID at nemid.nu

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/danskebank-copenhagen-denmark/

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