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There is no online banking services for Dar Al Maal Al Islami Trust. The website doesn’t contain any online services. IF you would like to contact the bank, here is the details:

Dar Al-Maal Al-Islami Trust
c/o DMI Administrative Services S.A. 84, Avenue Louis-Casai, P.O Box 64 – 1216 Cointrin – Geneva
Switzerland Tel : + 41 22 791 71 11 Fax : + 41 22 791 72 98 E-mail : info@dmisa.com Web site : www.dmitrust.com

Dar Al-Maal Al-Islami Trust (DMI) was founded in 1981. It has an extensive network stretching over four continents, with well integrated regional subsidiaries enabling it to respond to local business needs and conditions. Based on this geographic structure, the DMI Group and associates act as a financial bridge between the world’s leading financial centres and Islamic countries. The Group comprises three main business sectors: Islamic banking, Islamic investment and Islamic insurance.

Islamic banking is exercised in different forms: commercial and retail banking in the Gulf region and other parts of the world; fund management and financial services in Switzerland and Jersey. Islamic investment companies are located in Bahrain, Egypt and Pakistan. There are also associated Islamic insurance companies based in Bahrain and Luxembourg, providing services to the Islamic communities in the Middle East and Europe.

The Board of Supervisors of DMI Trust directs and oversees the business of the Group. DMI Administrative Services S.A., located in Geneva, Switzerland, provides assistance to the Board of Supervisors, in particular in the areas of legal and financial control, audit and risk management and information technology.

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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