Log in to Datong City Commercial Bank, Datong, China

How to login to Datong City Commercial Bank, China?

To login to Datong Bankm China (DTB), Visit their website home page https://www.chndtb.com/chndtb/ – The website is offered in Chinese language. to translate it to English or any other language, do the following steps:

  • Put the mouse/cursor on any blank space on the page.
  • Click the right mouse button
  • Select translate to English
  • The page will be translated to English
  • Do he above steps whenever you want to translate any page.

To login to your account with Datong bank, select the type of account you want to login, whether personal online banking login, or corporate internet banking login, or mobile banking download if you want to use your mobile to login. You will find all these options for login under E-bank login, which is located in the upper left corner of the home page. Enter your username, password and login to your account.

How to register with Datong bank for internet banking services access?

To register an account with Datong bank, for online services access, visit the home page (link provided above), translate the page by following the translation steps above. Under the E-bank login box, click on Self registered online banking. You will a get message that The system is not supported yet (last updated on 27 March 2020), please tr after that date, perhaps it will be working by the time you check it. Alternatively, you can call the bank at 96588 within Shanxi province, 4001196588 National. Or visit their branch Datong Bank Building , No.498 Yingbin Street, Pingcheng District, Datong Postcode: 037046

How to open an account online with Datong bank?

To open an account online wit Datong bank, visit the home page which is link provided above. Translate the page as mentioned above. Click on Open an account, which is located under the E-bank login box. Translate the page once again. Login page> Online account opening – Open an account without media. Check the box I have read and accept the “Customer Service Agreement for Personal Accounts of Type II and Type III Accounts of Datong Bank”. Fill the form and submit it for approval.

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Login Tips

Please keep the private information such as user name, login password, USBKey, and mobile phone password of online banking in a safe place:

  1. Please visit Personal Internet Banking through the official website of Datong Bank. Do not use unknown links. Beware of being deceived.
  2. Please ensure the security of your personal computer, upgrade anti-virus software in time, and try not to use personal online banking in public places such as Internet cafes.

Useful information about Datong Bank

Datong Bank Co., Ltd. (“Datong Bank” for short, DA TONG BANK CO., LTD in English for short) was formerly known as Datong Commercial Bank and was established in 2001. In July 2014, with the approval of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, it was officially renamed Datong Bank. The registered capital is 649 million yuan. After years of accumulation, as of the end of 2019, the net capital reached 3 billion yuan. There are more than 1,500 formal employees and 60 branches.

In early 2012, under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and under the guidance and supervision of the People’s Bank of China and the supervisory authority, Datong Bank initiated market-oriented institutional reforms. The core was to establish a corporate governance structure under the leadership of the Party Committee and cancel the Datong Bank implements the executive level system, breaks the “iron rice bowl” and the hero of performance theory, promotes expert governance and professional operation, strengthens risk control, market-oriented operation, and refined management. Through continuous deepening of the reform of the system and mechanism, Datong Bank has developed into a mixed-ownership bank with tightly controlled risks, sufficient capital, good efficiency, and regional influence. Over the past seven years, practice has proven that market-oriented reforms are the only way out for Datong Bank. With its courage and commitment, Datong Bank has created new achievements worthy of reform in the new era.

Always persist in not forgetting the original intention, sticking to its origins, and be the main force of local finance in the new era. Give full play to the advantages of a mixed-ownership bank. The loan scale and cumulative investment have consistently ranked at the forefront of the city for many years. It has played a role in promoting high-quality development of the local economy, focusing on improving financial services for private, small and micro enterprises, and agriculture, rural areas, and farmers, and helping to win the battle against poverty Plays an irreplaceable role.

Always adhere to the “forced by talents”, widely recruit talents, and firmly establish the correct selection and employment orientation. Continue to improve the level of market-oriented selection and employment of state-owned enterprises. For many years, nearly 700 senior managers, middle managers, and postgraduates, including the president of the head office, have been recruited and selected nationwide. At present, 65% of employees with a bachelor’s degree or above in the bank account for 65%. Among them, 45% are graduates with a master’s degree or above, and 55% are graduate students at the head office. The proportion of talents ranks among the top in the industry.

Always adhere to the “prosperity of science and technology”, take advantage of the trend, and enter a new milestone in the construction of science and technology finance. Actively engaged in the “Internet +” era, making the path of inclusive finance wider, and initially formed online banking, mobile banking, Chat banking, self-service banking, smart banking, acquiring businesses, online payments, mobile payments, and aggregate payments. Modern commercial banking system. And relying on 60 physical outlets, 132 self-service devices, and 1300 mobile terminals, a comprehensive development of inclusive financial development has been created in which electronic channels and physical networks are interconnected.

Datong Bank has continued to meet the financial needs of customers, and has continued to innovate and specialize financial services. It has introduced salary loans, shop loans, unemployment loans, village official loans, public welfare cards, salary cards, entrepreneurship cards, collection services, and inventory accounting. Zero bus tokens, collection of urban domestic garbage payment, collection of heating fees, collection of tuition fees, etc. are targeted at citizens, migrant workers, laid-off workers, college student village officials, and individual business operators. “Inclusive” financial services have been widely welcomed by ordinary people. In 2019, Datong Bank was successfully selected as the “leader” of the standard for banking business outlets in the financial sector this year. It is one of the two provinces in the province and the only shortlisted financial institution in the city; the international business was officially approved, which indicates that it is improving its service functions. New steps have been taken in the process of building a modern commercial bank.

As of the end of 2019, the total assets of Datong Bank were 44.7 billion yuan, the balance of various deposits was 40.5 billion yuan, and the balance of various loans was 20.6 billion yuan. Profitability increased steadily. The Bank achieved total operating income of 1.73 billion yuan, total operating profit and tax of 520 million yuan, and tax payment of 190 million yuan. It once again ranked among the top taxpayers of municipal enterprises. Since the market-oriented reform, the cumulative tax amount has reached more than 1.3 billion yuan. , Was listed as a key tax source household by the Shanxi Provincial Taxation Bureau. Datong Bank’s market-oriented reform and development has received high attention and universal recognition from higher-level party committees, governments and regulatory authorities, as well as the industry. It has been awarded “Datong Good Bank”, “Best Risk Control Small and Medium Bank”, “Best Urban Commercial Bank”, “Most Worth Banks trusted by the people, “2017 China Financial Outstanding Poverty Reduction Outstanding Contribution Award”, “Most Competitive Small and Medium-sized Banks”, “Outstanding Financial Institutions Helping Urban Development”, “Special Contribution Bank for Social Responsibility in 2019”, “National Civilized Unit” and other honorary titles.

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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