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How to login to DBS Bank China?

To login to DBS Bank China, go to their website https://www.dbs.com.cn/index/default.page – Click on login which is located in the upper right corner of the site. Select whether to login to DBS iBaking or to login to DBS IDEAL. Select your language, whether Chinese or English, which is om the top of the login box, Enter your User ID, password and login to your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for DBS iBanking Service?

DBS iBanking allows their customers to access the Enquiry Mode and Transaction Mode:

To apply for Enquiry Mode access, you can go to www.dbs.com.cn, select “Login”, then “iBanking” and proceed with Online Application by clicking on “Register” button. You need to input your debit card number, card PIN, ID type, ID number and Email Address that were used to open account with DBS to complete the Enquiry Mode registration of iBanking.

Based on regulatory requirements, for Transaction Mode application, you shall go to any of DBS branches in China to apply and fill in application, register with your mobile phone number to receive OTP (One Time Password) through SMS, collect your registered iB secure device to generate one time security PIN and finish the registration at branch by receiving a notice. Following the notice you will be guided to create your iBanking account step by step. If you have successfully applied for Enquiry Mode before, you can directly access Transaction Mode after you have registered your mobile phone number and got your iB secure device with DBS BANK.

How does transfer status be defined and how to update the status?

CNY Domestic fund transfer is real time from 8:00-16:00 during working day but the final transaction final status will only be updated during EOD batch: After Customer submits the fund transfer transaction he/she will see the status as In Progress. Customer will not see its final status whether successful or failed till next working day. If customer tends to inquire whether fund transfer is successful or not, please check based on if destination bank account received the amount.

For FCY overseas fund transfer, it is processed manually by back office and no status update. Fund transfer will be proceed during the same day if the instruction is submitted from 9:00-15:00 during working day, otherwise, it will be proceed next working day. Customer will be reached via phone if there is any exception. If customer tends to inquire whether overseas fund transfer is successful or not, please check based on if beneficiary account received the amount.For further guidance on most frequent asked questions, please visit DBS FAQ page https://www.dbs.com.cn/treasures/pages/ibanking/faq.page

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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