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How to login to Degroof bank?

To login to Degroof bank, go to the home page of their website https://www.degroofpetercam.be/fr/home – You can always switch languages, which is available on the top right corner of the website (FR -NL -EN), just click on the language that suits you better. Click on LOGIN, which is located in the upper right corner of the home page. To have the best experience with Degroof Petercam on your computer, use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 11.0+, Chrome 70+, Safari 10.0+, Firefox 65+ and Edge 17+. Enter your email address, Digicode and login to your account.

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Degroof bank helps their customers to realize their aspirations, today and tomorrow. And they support anyone who has the ambition to move forward, whether they are investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, companies or their employees.

Degroof bank’s goal is none other than to tirelessly defend the interests of their customers. For this they offer a unique combination of services in Private Banking , Institutional Asset Management , Investment Banking and Asset Services.

Degroof bank believes that it is not the size of their company that makes them big, but their human values ​​and the proximity of their experts. Degroof Petercam aspires to be the best employer . For this, they make sure to attract and keep the best employees on the market and invest continuously in the development of their talents.

Degroof bank family shareholders personify the human character of their group and represent the anchor of the capital of their company, source of both flexibility and stability over the generations .

Strategies and practices may evolve in a constantly changing world, the values ​​of their company remain the same over the years. Their values ​​are essential for their commitment to their employees and their customers.

Degroof bank is aware that theur have a responsibility to society that goes beyond their activities and services for their customers. Their contribution to society is reflected in the promotion of more humane finance and sustainable investment as well as in their commitments in terms of social and philanthropic responsibility .

More concretely, Bank Degroof Petercam has invested over the past decades in the following initiatives:

Sustainable investment solutions
Responsible investment funds
Sustainable investment mandates
Philanthropy Consulting
Degroof Petercam Foundation
Employee engagement. For further info about Degroof bank services and products, please visit their website https://www.degroofpetercam.be/fr/home

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/degroofbanqueprivee-geneva-switzerland/

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