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How to login to Demir-Halk bank?

To login to Demir-Halk Bank, visit their website https://netbanking.dhbbank.com/login?lang=en_US – Enter your User Name, Password and login to your account. PLease check the following screenshot for your guidance.

 Demir-Halk Bank Nederland, Rotterdam, Netherlands

DHB Bank is an international bank which, through its innovative vision of the installment loan sector, places its customers at the heart of its decisions and enables them to offer them quality and tailor-made service. Every customer counts! This is why they help you make each of your projects a reality, whatever its nature. By calling DHB bank, you will benefit from precise and personalized advice in order to meet your expectations.

Discover DHB bank range of installment loans in detail whatever your project.
How to simulate your credit
Which loan is right for you? Estimate your loan with the DHB Bank simulator

Borrow serenely and transparently, DHB Bank provides you with a loan simulator so that you can have an idea of ​​the monthly installments in a few seconds to make your project a reality.

DHB Bank, Responsible and committed lender
For years, DHB Bank has engaged in a professional process in matters and integrity towards its customers.
The goal is to be a reliable partner who demonstrates good professional conduct under which they are committed to:

Offer transparent credit
DHB provides you with a user-friendly and clear website. The information on their products is understandable and their promotional prices are also respected.

Set correct rates
DHB informs their customers clearly about the cost of their products. DHB communicates their APR which will allow clients to compare different products offered.

Serving customers
DHB helps their customers choose the solution that best suits their needs. DHB offers the client financial support by explaining the principles of budget management. DHB warns their clients against the risks of over-indebtedness.

Protect customers data
Customer data is treated confidentially within the framework of the law and the obligations it imposes.

Ensure customer satisfaction
Customers have access to all information relating to complaint handling procedures.

Correctly assess the solvency of customers
In order to be able to measure the feasibility of their products, DHB uses risk assessment models. DHB bank examines the repayment capacity of their client and thus, assesses clients ability to meet their future obligations.

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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