Log in to Desjardins Group

How to login to Bank of Desjardins Group?

To login to bank of Desjardins Group, visit their website https://www.desjardins.com/ca/index.jsp – The log in box is in the upper right corner of the site, under online services. Log On. Simply click on log on then enter your CARD NUMBER OR USER CODEand log on to your account.

How to register an account with Desjardins bank, to access online services? (If you are already a customer)

Besides logging in to Desjardins Group, Levis, Canada , you will also be able to register a new account to access online services, if you are already a client. Use the same ink provided above and click on whether register for accesD or register for accesD affaires. Depends on the type of account you have with the bank. Fill the form and submit it online, or print it and submit it to the nearest branch.

How to become a client/open an account with Desjardins bank?

To open an account, visit their website https://www.desjardins.com/ca/index.jsp and scroll down a little bit in the page, then choose whether PERSONAL or BUSINESS which you’ll find under I WANT TO OPEN AN ACCOUNT AND BECOME A MEMBER then in the page that follows select the type of account you need and apply online or make an appointment at Desjardins Group, Levis, Canada.

 Desjardins Group, Levis, Canada
 Desjardins Group, Levis, Canada

Desjardins bank cares about the interests of their members and our customers. This is why Desjardins Protection was implemented. It is now available to ALL members and clients of Desjardins.

All members and clients doing business with Desjardins can benefit from the Equifax credit monitoring service without charge for a period of 5 years.

Former members, former customers who have received financing at point of sale and by credit card, as well as anyone who has shared their personal information for financing or savings products can also subscribe free of charge for a period of 5 years to Equifax Complete Protection.

Members and clients interested in consulting their Equifax credit file, including receiving alerts during activities in their credit file, must:

request their activation code by December 31, 2020
register with Equifax by March 31, 2021 .
Steps to Take Advantage of the Credit Monitoring Service:

  1. Complete the form to obtain an Equifax activation code

Before registering for the Equifax monitoring service, you must request an activation code by filling out a short form. Once this form is completed, a letter will be sent to you with a unique code to register with Equifax.

Certain conditions are necessary to be able to register with Equifax:

have a Canadian mailing address
have an email address
be at least 18 years old at the time of registration
have a credit history (e.g., credit card, mortgage, line of credit).
Request your Equifax activation code https://static.desjardins.com/applications/particulier/formulaire-enregistrement/#/demande/information

  1. Register for Equifax Credit Monitoring Service using the activation code received

Once you have received the activation code, simply follow the 5-step procedure to register for the Equifax monitoring service.

Equifax alerts
When you benefit from the service of monitoring your credit file, you automatically receive alerts informing you of changes or events related to your file.

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