Log in to De Surinaamsche bank

How do I login to De Surinaamsche bank?

To login to Surinaamsche bank, visit their website’s home page https://www.dsb.sr/ – The website is available in NL and En languages. If you want to switch to English language, simply click on the NL icon located in the upper right corner of the page, as the following screenshot shows. Then click on Internet banking located in the upper right corner of the page under the languages box in the home page, as the following screenshot shows. You can again switch to English language, by clicking on the UK flag located in teh upper right corner of the page. Enter your username, password and login to your account.

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How Do I Apply for internet Banking service access and Mobile App?

To apply for internet banking and mobile app with Surinaamsche bank, visit this page on their website https://www.dsb.sr/Banking-plus/Internet-Banking-Request-Form , then click on make an appointment which is located in the upper right corner of the page. Remember that you can always click on the switch languages button as explained above, or you can simply use Google translate, by placing the mouse/cursor on any blank space on the page, then select on translate to English or choose any other language. Select the date, select the service and a date to see available times. Then add your information and when you are done click on To reserve. The bank will contact you to set your appointment.

De Surinaamsche Bank NV plays an important role in the financial system of Suriname. As the largest commercial bank with an extensive branch network, they provide a wide range of services to both the business and private market. With a personal approach and involvement with their clients, they are able to adequately serve their clients. Their professional employees, who attach great importance to integrity and respect, are the most important success factor.

De Surinaamsche Bank NV was established shortly after the abolition of slavery. At the time, Mr. Simon Abendanon worked as a captain and bailiff in Suriname. There was a monetary chaos in the period around 1863, because of the abolition of slavery. The abolition of slavery resulted in free people in Suriname who were allowed to work for a fee and it was expected that agriculture would flourish. As a result, trade would also expand. This gave Mr Abendanon the idea to facilitate this economic growth by setting up a bank that could guide economic traffic in Suriname. 150 years later, the Surinaamsche Bank has grown into the leading commercial bank in Suriname

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/desurinaamschebank-paramaribo-suriname/