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how to login to my account with Donga Bank?

To login to your account with Donga bank, visit their website dongabank.com – If you need to switch to English language, Click on English, which is located in the upper right corner of the page. Then enter your account and password which is located in the upper right corner of the page.Then click on login which is located in the upper left corner of the page, under Donga eBanking, to login to your account.

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Saving for the future, DongA Bank helps you prepare your finances well, laying a solid foundation for a stable and bright future.

Savings for the future is a cumulative savings product of VND: Customers deposit many times and regularly in a certain period of time (1,2,3 years …). Each time you send a small amount of money to accumulate a large amount of money
Manage and secure property in VND by the Customer.
Savings and profits with attractive interest rates.

With Savings for the future, you can rest assured financial preparation for a solid future.

Just 200,000 VND to open a savings book
DongA Bank wholeheartedly advises on how to save money so that you can quickly reach your goals
The method of monthly deposits helps you accumulate steadily
You can choose the amount and time you want to deposit according to your ability
Can designate DongA Bank to automatically deduct money into savings book every month, very convenient and not afraid to forget
In particular, your money is maximized (more profitable than regular savings) because:
You can deposit money at any time
The bank charges interest as soon as you deposit it (Interest is calculated on the actual number of days deposited)
Free online savings balance checking service.Fee Schedule & Interest Rate
Apply current fee schedule of DongA Bank.
The interest rate is specified from time to time.
(will be adjusted when DongA Bank changes the interest rate bracket “Savings For the Future”)

Currency: VND
Deposit term: from 1 year to 15 years
Minimum deposit per time: 200,000 VND. Unlimited deposit amount.
Recurring deposits: flexible. Customers can choose to send money whenever they need it
Interest rate: subject to the current interest rate framework decision for the “Savings for the Future” product from time to time
Interest payment: at the end of the period
Please refer to the Product Details Rules by visiting this link https://www.dongabank.com.vn/service/1251/tiet-kiem-cho-tuong-lai

For questions or further instructions, please contact:

The nearest branch / transaction office or
Customer service center
Hotline: 1900545464
Email: 1900545464@dongabank.com.vn

Last Updated on June 9, 2022

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