Log in to Dutch Bangla Bank, Dhaka, Bangladesh

How to login to Dutch Bangla Bank?

To login to Dutch Bangla Bank, go to their website https://www.dutchbanglabank.com/   Vlick on INternet Banking which is located in the upper right corner of the page, as per the following screenshot. Then click on login to Internet Banking located in them enter upper left corner of the page, enter your user ID, password and login to your account. Dutch Bangla Bank has proudly introduced the ground-breaking “Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Security Solution” that protects a customer’s identity and account information from access by an unauthorized person. This security solution is designed for Internet Banking third party fund transfer transactions within the Dutch Bangla Bank account holders. Only the 2FA registered users can perform the third party fund transfer transaction through Internet Banking System. For registration go to this link https://ecom1.dutchbanglabank.com/2FAregistration/   and follow the registration process online and submit it for approval.

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What is SecurID Token?

DBBL 2FA is an additional layer of security that provides a second verification of your online identity. This verification is done using SecuredID Tokens. Use of SecuredID Tokens are as simple as entering a password, but much more secured. You will get a token which generates a new, and unpredictable password every 60 seconds. Combine this number with your existing user name and password to make a transaction using Dutch Bangla bank’s web services. This new feature increases the security of your accounts. There are 2 types of token they are offering to make a secure transaction. These are Hardware and Software token.

How do I obtain a SecurID Token?

To get a SecurID token you have to register for 2FA at first. After your successful registration, DBBL officer will contact with you soon for further process. For further query please dial 16216.

How to use SecurID Token?

Dutch Bangla bank os offering 2 (Two) types of token such as:

Hardware Token
Software Token
Hardware Token

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Steps to use:

Please collect your hardware token from branch (during registration what you mentioned). For abroad users, hardware token will be shipped through courier.
The token code in the display will be changed at every 60 seconds. Lifetime indicator will display the duration of the existing code. If the indicator displays only one bar, it is recommended to wait for the next code.
Now please log into Internet Banking and if you are a first time user, go to

Menu: Customer Service –> 2FA change PIN request
and change the pin using token code displayed on provided hardware token

Please see the section How to PIN Chnage for details. https://www.dutchbanglabank.com/internet-banking/2fa-guidelines.html#CHNG_PIN
Now pin has been set. Please use this pin and token code (displayed in hardware token) as passcode for transactions.
Please see the section How to do Internal Account Transfer to make the transactions. https://www.dutchbanglabank.com/internet-banking/2fa-guidelines.html#INTERNAL_AC_TRANSFER
If you enter passcode wrongly for three times, your token will be locked for 15 minutes.
Note: The passcode is a combination of the user’s pin followed by the token code. For example, if your pin is 1234 and the current token code is 987654, then your passcode is 1234987654.

In order to find out about how to install and use Software generator, ans more info about internet banking guidance, please visit this link for further info https://www.dutchbanglabank.com/internet-banking/2fa-guidelines.html

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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