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How to login to my account with Equity Bancshares?

To login to your account with to Equity Bancshares, visit their website https://www.equitybank.com/ The log in box is in the upper right corner of the site, simply click on LOGIN then enter your ACCESS ID, PASSWORD and login to your account.

How to open an account with Equity Bancshares?

You can open an account with Equity Bancshares, by visiting the same link for their website as provided above. Click on OPEN AN ACCOUNT which you’ll find at the top left side of the website, beside the login box. Go with the process online, fill the form, and submit it for approval..

 Equity Bancshares, Wichita, Kansas, United States

How to apply for different type of accounts with Equity bancshares?

Visit the home page, link provided above. Click on Quick links, which is under the main menu on the top. YOu can opne a new account, apply for a home loan, apply for auto loan, and much more…You can submit your request online and wait for customer services to assist you.

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Useful information about Equity Bancshares online products and security

As a security feature of Equity bancshares online banking, they will send out a notification if there has been an invalid login attempt. These are intended to notify you of issues like these and keep you aware of any unauthorized logins. If you receive a notification like this and you are concerned your online banking credentials have been compromised, Equity bancshares recommends the following actions:

Update your Login ID to something that is not easily guessed, or is somewhat complex. You can make this change by logging in and then going to Settings>Security Preferences>Change Login ID.
Update your password to a complex password, preferably containing a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. You can make this change by logging in and then going to Settings>Security Preferences>Change Password.
Making sure your online banking information such as email address and phone numbers are current and up-to-date. You can check this by logging in and going to Settings>Security Preferences>Secure Delivery
Reviewing which security alerts you have turned on for online banking. Some of these security alerts are turned on by default, but there are others you can select to receive by going to Settings>Alerts, and expanding the Alerts section.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Equity Bancshares Customer Care directly at 888-733-5041.

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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