Log in to Evangeline Bancshares, Ville Platte, United States

How to login to my account with Evangeline Bancshares?

You will find the log in to the Evangeline Bancshares, Ville Platte, United States by log on to their website https://www.therealbank.com/online-services.htm – The log in box is in the left corner of the site, under online banking. Click on online banking, enter your username, password and login to your account. Or if you would like to login to your credit card, click on credit card login, which is located on the upper right side of the page, same link provided. You will also find the login box on the right upper side under login.

How do I register an account for online access to the online banking services of Evangeline Bancshares?

Besides logging in to Evangeline Bancshares, you will be able to register for online services, just click on enroll which you’ll find at the bottom of the login box and go with the process online. Fill the form and submit it for approval.

Evangeline Bancshares, Ville Platte, United States 's Internet Online Bank

ONLINE BANKING Evangeline Bancshares FAQs

Can I change my login ID? Yes. Click on the “Settings” tab. You can also change your email
address, personal identification image, and your password.

Why must I change my password every 3 months and security questions every 6 months? the bank
system requires every online banking customer to do this for security reasons.

How did I become locked out of my online banking account? You will be locked out after
entering the password incorrectly three times.

How do I reset my password/unlock my online banking account? You can reset your password
by using the “Forgot Password” feature on the Evangeline online banking web page. You will receive an
email containing instructions to reset your password. Your ID will remain the same. Your
password and current password will be the default password. This feature is also available when
using Evangeline bank’s mobile app, which gives you the option to receive a text.

How did I become blocked from my online banking account? You will be blocked if you answer
your security questions incorrectly. These answers are case sensitive. Once you are blocked, you
will need to contact the Evangeline Bank to unblock your account and reset your security

How do I use the mobile app? You must first set up your online banking account on the
website. Once you complete the process, and you can view your accounts, click on the “Settings”
tab then the “Mobile Settings” tab to enter your mobile number and select the accounts you
want to view then save those choices. Once you have done this you can begin using the app. You
will use the same ID and password for the app.

Why can’t I see my new accounts online? If you are an existing online banking customer and
you open a new account, you will have to login to the website and configure your accounts. In
the center of the screen, in the box of accounts that you are viewing, on the top right side of the
box, click on the icon that looks like a gear wheel. Click on the “+” to add the accounts you want
to view. Then save your selection. If you still can not view your accounts, contact your local

Can I make a loan payment with online banking? You can go to the “Transfers” tab and
transfer money from your checking or savings account to your loan. If this is done before 2 p.m.
(CST) it will be processed that day. If after 2 p.m. (CST) it will be processed the next business

What is Bill Pay and how do I sign up for it? Bill Pay is a free service Evangeline Bancshares is providing to their
customers to send out payments for you. To enroll, click on the “Bill Pay” tab and select the
checking account you would like to use as your bill pay funding account. Once it is approved you
can begin using this service. You will have to add the account information for each payee.

If I’m using bill pay, will all my payments be sent electronically? No, some payments will be
sent out as a paper check and mailed to your payee through the U.S.P.S. When you are
scheduling your payment, this will appear on the screen as either “electronic” or “check
payment”. You should allow more time for “check payments” to process.

What are E-statements and how do I receive them? E- statements are electronic versions of
your statement that are accessed through your online banking account. If you no longer want
paper statements, you can choose to receive E-statements by logging on to Evangeline Bancshares website. To
enroll, click the “E-statements” tab and follow the prompts. You will receive an email when your
statements become available online. You must then log in to online banking to view, print or
download them.

What is remote deposit and how do I use it? Evangeline Bancshares Remote Deposit Anywhere Service allows you
to deposit a check by capturing an electronic image of the item with a capture device, such as a
camera on your mobile device, and submitting those images to Evangeline Bancshares for processing. In the mobile
app, select the “Mobile Deposit” option. You will be required to endorse the item and write “For
Mobile Deposit Only to The Evangeline Bank”. You will then capture an image of both the front
and back of the check and enter the exact amount the item is written for.

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