Log in to East Industrial and Commercial Bank, China

How to login to East Industrial and Commercial Bank, China?

To login to East Industrial and commercial bank China, go to the home page icbc.com.cn/cbc/en/default.html – under user login, which is located in the upper right corner of the home page, Click on personal banking or corporate banking, depending on the type pf account you have with ICBC. Enter your user name, password and login to your account.

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How to check account opening bank via telephone banking?

You can check the information by selecting “Inquiry and self-help service – Inquiry of other business services – Inquiry of account-opening bank” after calling 95588, or by sending “KHH # card/account number” to 95588.

How to open the alert service for A/C balance changes?

You can open the alert service for A/C balance changes via the following ,ethods: 1) Mobile banking – click “ICBC Messenger”after signing in,and proceed according to prompts; 2) SMS banking – e-Password Device customers can send DZBD # card/account number to 95588 with your cell phone to subscribe this service. You can also have this done through self-help voice services of online banking, telephone banking,etc. For details, please edit “subscribe alert service for A/C balance changes + name of facility”to 95588.

How many certificates are there for the ICBC Corporate Internet Banking?

The certificates of the ICBC Corporate Internet Banking can be divided into certificates of classic cards, silver cards, gold cards, USBkey and discs. The storage medium for the certificates of classic cards and silver cards are magnetic bar and IC chip respectively, while those of gold cards combine both. The storage medium for USBkey certificates are IC chip with USB interface, while disc certificates use the hard disc of the computer designated by you as storage medium.

How to change the password of the ICBC corporate telephone banking?

Call 95588, choose “Corporate service” to input your card No. or customer No. and press # before inputting a new 6-digit telephone number in accordance with prompts in voice by selecting “Customer service setup” – “Change telephone banking password”. Input the same password once again to confirm. Then your password of the ICBC Corporate Telephone Banking is changed.

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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