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Founders Group bank is named after a group of Fort Bend businessmen and community leaders who were the founding group that served as the driving force for organizing the agency. The business-oriented bank currently has a branch at 5225 Wisconsin Ave. NW, and has its corporate offices at 5101 Wisconsin Ave. NW.

HSBC, a bank on Wisconsin Avenue and R Street NW, has left Georgetown, leaving a single branch in DC. American Founders Bank Inc. has sold its three branches in Lexington to City National Bank of West Virginia, City Nationals parent company announced. The deal follows the recent revelation that the American Founders Banks Lexington branches were purchased by the West Virginia-based City National Bank. American Founders Bank of Lexington recently agreed to sell three branches, $164 million in deposits, and $125 million in outstanding loans to City Holding of Charleston, W.Va.

Old National Bank and Trust of Indiana is buying Founders Bank and Trust for about $88.2 million. Founders 275 shareholders will receive 3.25 shares in Old National Bank and Trust and $38 cash for each share they own. Based on Old Nationals closing price on December 31, 2014, of $14.88 per share of Common Stock, the distribution is valued at approximately $87.51 per share of Founders Common Stock, or about $91.7 million.

In Kent County, according to data from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., last year, Founders Bank and Trust was ninth largest by deposits, at a market share of 3.14%. Today, Founders Federal Credit Union serves over 221,000 members across 30 locations across two states and holds over $3 billion in assets. Founders National Bank purchased the two locations from Bank of America in the transaction, which included acquiring $16 million in deposits and $2 million in loan assets from customers of the Stocker Street location. More recently, the Automobile Club of Southern California announced that it is investing $1.5 million into Founders National Bank and Broadway Federal Savings & Loan, another Black-owned institution located in the Crenshaw neighborhood.

City National Bank (the primary bank affiliate of the city) operates 85 branch locations serving communities throughout West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. City National Bank of West Virginia announced June 3 that it plans to purchase the three current branches in the Lexington area from American Founders Bank. LOUISVILLE, Ky., June 17, 2015 By William P.Bill Butler, CEO of the Covington, Ky.-based Corporex Companies, Corporex Companies plans to acquire two remaining Louisville branches from the American Founders Bank, which is moving its corporate headquarters from Lexington to Louisville. The move is expected to create the largest single bank in the Kentucky metropolitan area, with the largest remaining branches in Louisville. The former Founders Bank locations were set to reopen Monday, July 6, 2009, as branches of The PrivateBank and Trust Company.

Your transferred deposits is insured separately from any accounts you may have with Founders Bank, for a period of six months following closing. You can take out money from any transferred accounts at no penalty of early withdrawal before entering a new deposit agreement with Founders Bank, provided that deposits are not being pledged as collateral for loans. In addition to checking accounts, you may have certificates of deposit, car loans, a checking account for businesses, a commercial loan, direct deposits for social security, and other relationships with the institution. Only members who are in good standing who have a checking option in the Founders mobile app are eligible.

Founders Bank reviews fees and provides more information shortly. After setting the goal of dramatically increasing deposits from members, Q2 worked with the recipients of the Collaborative Award to create customized enrollment forms for home banking using the Q2 Caliper software development kit (SDK).

This system enabled over 3,500 members to redeem credit card points from This years Collaboration Award recipient in a particular account, which provided a higher return on investment. In 1992, Boatmens purchased the Founders, then a few years later, NationsBank bought Boatmens, then Bank of America bought NationsBank.

The banks first true facility, built at the banks original site, was designed by three men, each with particular regional appreciation. John Turner literally painted his concept for the banks first real structure on top of an architects drawings at the meeting, setting a template for all Bank of Jackson Hole Log Branch branches. John Turner was insistent that massive, interior-and-outside logs portray the banks character and strengths. The duo spent the next three days photographing Cunningham House by Herb Greene and other buildings, and in between, Bob Bowlby drove Los Angeles-based architectural photographers to the newly completed First National Bank.

Seeing an opportunity to take advantage of the Oklahoma City suburbs growth, Jerry Barton, a film theatre owner who was also a member of Founders National Banks Board of Directors, decided the area around Mayne and Northwestern expressways was a prime location for the construction of a new bank building to serve a rapidly growing suburb.
On Thursday, July 2, 2009, the Worth, IL-based Founders Bank was closed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Banking, and was placed in receivership with the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Vista does not currently have a presence in Sugar Land, and Founders has developed a great reputation within the Fort Bend community, which we believe gives the combined bank strength to continue gaining market share going forward, said Robert R. Franklin, Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer, Vista Bank Texas.

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