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How to login to my account with Saxo bank?

Whether you would like to login to your account or open an account with Saxo bank, please follow the process as explained here:

To login to your account with Saxo Bank, go to their website’s home page https://www.home.saxo/institutional-and-partners – Click on the earth icon, as it shows in the following screenshot, to choose your country from the list:

saxo group bank login

To login, click on login, enter your username, password and login to your account. To open an account, click on open account, fill the form with the required data and submit it for approval.

saxo bank login and open an account

How to open a sub-account in another currency with Saxo bank?

To open a sub-account in another currency with Saxo bank, you simply Log in to your account, go to the main menu > Add new currency sub-account.

How do I transfer funds between sub-accounts with Saxo bank?

You can transfer funds between sub-accounts by using the Sub-Account transfer module. If your account is not set up for that, you can call customer services or check the FAQ/help/support on Saxo’s bank website.

The Sub-account transfer module can be found by navigating as follows:

Click on the main menu > Deposits and Transfers > Sub-account transfer
Then select:

The account you wish to transfer funds from
The receiving account
The amount
Click Transfer. The indicative conversion rate will be shown in the relevant field.
To request a transfer, please select the account you wish to transfer funds from, the receiving sub-account and the amount to transfer, then click Transfer. The indicative conversion rate will be shown in the relevant field.

Notes: There is no transfer fee, however, a 1% conversion fee applies when transferring in different currencies. The conversion fee is charged by using the mid-spread FX Spot rate at the time of transfer, plus/minus 1%.

How to withdraw funds from your account with Saxo bank?

To withdraw funds from your Saxo account:

Go to the menu > Deposits and Transfers
Click Withdraw funds
Select the Saxo account you want to withdraw money from
Enter the Withdrawal amount and the currency
Select your External account – If there are no External accounts in the menu, ( read the following on the FAQ’s page of Saxo bank: How to register a new account to use for withdrawals? )
When done click Transfer. An SMS with a code will be sent to your registered phone number and a confirmation window will pop up. If you don’t get the code, follow the instructions provided in the confirmation window. Type in the code in the confirmation window and click Confirm.

Last Updated on August 24, 2022

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