Log in to Bank Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia’s Internet Online Bank

Bank Windhoek Limited provides various banking products and services in Namibia. The company’s personal banking products and services include transaction, cheque, and savings accounts; personal loans, overdraft facility, home loans, and vehicle finance; short term, life, and travel insurance. Its business and corporate banking products and services comprise international banking services, such as payment products, trade services, trade risk, and foreign currency accounts; treasury solutions; business financial solutions, including overdraft and business financing solutions, and business cheque accounts; bancassurance products comprising short and long term, travel, and long-term insurance; guarantees; investment, selekt, corporate, and commercial funds; and solutions for farmers. The company also provides Internet banking services; and engages in micro lending, property investment, and payment clearing house activities. The company was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Windhoek, Namibia. Bank Windhoek Limited is a subsidiary of Capricorn Investment Group Limited.

How to login?

You will find the log in to the Internet bank of Bank Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia when by log on to their website.  This is the direct link: https://www.bankwindhoek.com.na/Pages/default.aspx  – Click on iBank which is the abbreviation of internet banking. Click on iBank which is located on the right corner, upper side of the page (check the following screenshot for login)

The log in box will appear once you click on iBank as it shows on the following screenshot.

Add your user name and password and optional one time pin if you want, then login.

If you face any problem of locked account or you forgot your password, you can click on the options as the screenshot shows Also there is guidance on how to obtain one-time pin which is optional from E-scene token.

, Log in to Bank Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia’s Internet Online Bank
, Log in to Bank Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia’s Internet Online Bank

How to apply for an account or any other services?

It is very simple and easy to apply for any account or services that Bank Windhoek is offering. Just click on the Menu or Personal or Business or corporate institutional or Private wealth, as shown in the following screenshot, select the service you need whether to open a personal or business account or to apply for a loan, or to pay for study or to buy a car or to build a home or to buy a home…etc, then go with the steps and process online.

, Log in to Bank Windhoek, Windhoek, Namibia’s Internet Online Bank

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