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The founding values ​​of the Banque Atlantique group are:
Solidarity – Proximity – Citizenship and Performance are now shared by its 14 Subsidiaries in West Africa and carried out daily by more than 1600 employees who are the strength of the group.

These values ​​proclaim the Group’s identity assets, reflect its culture, carry its vision, reinforce the cohesion between its different entities and reflect its commitments for the economic and social development of the entire African continent.

It is rooted in the history of the Banque Atlantique Group and is one of its core values. It enables it to fulfill its mission of general interest of banking and socio-economic development, through actions with strong social and economic benefits for the regions and the different sectors of activity.

The Banque Atlantique strives to promote the culture of efficiency, professionalism, customer satisfaction and innovation while improving the way it operates. This is how human capital and the information system have been established as pillars of the group’s organization.

The Banque Atlantique group’s regional structure, the density of its network and its strong presence allow it to be in permanent contact with local realities and specifies.
This proximity enables it to contribute effectively to the mobilization of savings, its use for the benefit of the development of the regions where it is collected and the promotion of banking activities at national and regional level.

Banque Atlantique Group is committed to implementing actions that are part of a global approach to sustainable development.
The group’s civic commitment is essentially driven by its three foundations. Banque Atlantique promotes culture and schooling, especially for girls in rural areas.
The Business Creation Foundation encourages the entrepreneurial spirit both for the local clientele and for MDM.
As for Attawfiq Micro-Finance, it contributes to the banking and financial inclusion by supporting micro-entrepreneurs.
Leveraging the successful experience of its Moroccan subsidiary Attawfiq Micro-Finance, the group created the Atlantic Microfinance For Africa holding (Amifa) to pilot its ambitious microfinance program in Africa. Its creation follows the agreements concluded between the group and the States, in particular, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon, the Republic of Guinea, Madagascar, Senegal and Rwanda concerning the development of microfinance activities in those countries.

Transfer via ATM
Do you want to send money to all countries in the WAEMU zone?

Bank Transfer ATM Atlantic Bank allows you to send money in all countries of the UEMOA zone 24/7 with your credit card from the ATM.

How it works ?

Go to the ATM of Atlantic Bank and insert your credit card. In the ‘Other Services’ section, choose the option ‘Money transfer’.
You enter the information below and confirm your transfer:

The transfer amount
10 digit transfer number
The 4-digit PIN

Communicate the transfer information to the beneficiary who goes to an ATM ATM in the eight WAEMU countries 24/7. Without a credit card, he chooses the option ‘Services without card’ to have the transfer amount.

Why choose the Via GAB Transfer?
Speed: the transfer is available for any withdrawal upon validation
Security: the transaction is secured by a confidential code
Accessible: single cost of 1000 FCFA whatever the amount

Last Updated on June 9, 2022

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