Log in to Development Credit Bank, Mumbai, India

How to login to Development Credit Bank, Mumbai, India?

To login to Development Credit Bank, go to their website’s home page dcbbank.com Click on the main menu which is located in teh upper left corner of the page. Or click on Internet Banking login, located in the upper left corner of the page. Select the type of your account, whether it is personal or business. Enter your user ID, password. The click on Dashboard and choose what you want to login to, whether dashboard, account summary, funds transfers. manage beneficiaries, or deposit accounts. then click on login.

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How to open a bank account with DCB Bank?

To open a bank account with DCB, visit this link on DCB bank to open an account https://www.dcbbank.com/cms/showpage/page/open-bank-account – Select the bank account type you want to open from the top menu on the upper right side. Savings, current or institutional solutions. You have the choice then to leave your phone number and the DCB Bank customer services will contact you. Or select contact us and you will be able to contact the DCB bank by phone, or email or visit the nearest branch.


DCB banking with sms facility means Banking with just an SMSDCB Bank SMS Services is a quicker way to resolve your day to day banking needs. All you need to do is just send one SMS and transact from the comfort of your home or office.

How to be eligible for DCB Bank SMS Facility?

To be eligible for DCB Bank SMS Facility, you are required to have an active DCB Bank Account and mobile number registered with DCB. For non-individual customer entities, a separate registration request is to be submitted to any of the DCB Bank branches. DCB Bank SMS Services allows you to enjoy the following at your fingertips, check your account balance, ask for a cheque book free of cost via SMS, request for a Stop Cheque via SMS to avoid service charges.Know the status of cheque(s) issued by you, get the last 5 transaction details and get the term deposit details.


For simple, fast, secure, anytime payments across any bank in India.Unified Payments Interface (UPI) makes sending and receiving funds, fast, simple and convenient. Enjoy the convenience of anytime, anywhere funds transfer from any bank in India, all from the comfort of your smartphone. For funds transfer using UPI, you simply need the beneficiary’s Virtual Payment Address (VPA) which is a virtual ID linked to your account. No bank holidays, no weekends, no excuses – send and receive payments anytime! If you would like to learn more about features, or how to download, and how to register, please check the following link https://www.dcbbank.com/cms/showpage/page/dcb-upi-facility

What is UPI?

‘Unified Payment Interface’ is a smart phone app that simplifies sending and receiving funds from any bank in India. This also means that making payments becomes much easier and faster. What makes it even more simple to use is that you do not have to remember account numbers of the people who you need to send money to!
To receive funds from any account with a bank in India has been made really simple. For further info on frequently asked questions related to using DCB Banking online services, please check this link https://www.dcbbank.com/cms/showpage/page/dcb-upi-facility/ppage/upi-facility-frequently-asked-questions

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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