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How to login to my account with Dime Savings Bank?

To login to your account with Dime savings banks, go their website’s home page dime.com – the sign is box is located in the upper right corner of the page. Click on sign, select your account whether personal or business banking, then enter your username, password and sign in to your account.

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How to register for internet banking access with Dime bank?

To register an account for online services access, go to the home page, link provided above. Click on sign in. Select the type of account you have with Dime bank, personal or business, then click on personal bank enrollment, or business banking enrollment. Read the agreement terms, and then at the very below of the page, click on I accept the terms of this agreement Click on the small box icon which is mentioning, by clicking the checkbox, I accept the terms of this agreement. . Fill the form online, submit it for approval.

Information about Dime Savings bank

In the second half of the twentieth century, Dime was the largest Brooklyn-based savings bank in the United States. The organization has been accused of terminating certain low-income neighborhoods or refusing to lend. This success was achieved in part by expanding beyond the borders of Brooklyn. While other banks took the same approach, attracting investors from other places, they kept their birthplace from their name to attract investors from other places.

In the summer of 1994, Dime announced its merger with Anchor Savings Bank, and the resulting Dimes Bancorp will be the fourth largest savings institution in the country. DIME Savings Bank continued its phenomenal growth in the following decades with assets of more than $1.5 billion and more than 2,000 employees.

In recognition of the bank’s good deeds, the adjacent Macomber Square was temporarily renamed “Dime Square” by the Brooklyn borough in 1959. The already mentioned branches in Bensonhurst (1929) and Flatbush (1932) were simultaneous projects.
In downtown Brooklyn, workers are preparing to merge Brooklyn’s first super-tall skyscraper into one of the District’s most iconic buildings. Many branches in the metropolitan area have opened in recent years, and the Dime Savings Bank’s Grade II-listed building is still in its original location, while preparations continue for the construction of a new $1.5 billion office building in Flatbush.
The Brooklyn skyline has changed dramatically in recent years as the borough has come under the control of the New York City Department of Housing and Urban Development (DOE).

Demolition work has begun to make way for new skyscrapers. Connected to the Grade II-listed Dime Savings Bank, the 1908 neoclassical bank building is now located in the center of the neighborhood, a few blocks from the Brooklyn Bridge.
Almost the entire block stretches from the bank to Marcy Avenue, where most of the development will be located and where much of the current construction work can be viewed. A wide, four-storey pedestal building has already been erected, and the tower in the middle reaches up to 10 storeys.

Designed by Fogarty Finger Architects, it will sit behind the long-standing bench and shadow it and another long-standing bench. Built between 1906 and 1908 and designed by Mowbray & Uffinger in the classic Revival style, Dime was sold to JPMorgan Chase in 2009 following the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s acquisition of Washington Mutual.

After entering into contract talks with JPMorgan Chase last summer, developers Michael Stern and Joe Chetrit completed the purchase of the building for $90 million in October 2009.

They plan to integrate the listed building into a new, super-high skyscraper, using the air rights derived from the Dime savings bank property. Designed by New York architect and record-breaking architect Michael Stern, the building is a grand, classic design that evokes a sense of security, prosperity, and civic pride in a predominantly immigrant and low-income community. Following the construction of this building as its headquarters, Dimes Savings Bank in Williamsburgh has since expanded and enlarged several locations.

The monumental limestone building from Indiana stands on a granite foundation and is defined by four fluted Corinthian columns supported by a series of three-story columns and a four-story tower 2,500 feet high.
When the bank opened in 1908, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle boasted that the finished structure was readily praised for its “beautiful design, architectural beauty and size.” Tucked away in the heart of Brooklyn, just a few blocks from the New York State Capitol, is Dime Savings Bank, one of America’s largest and most important financial institutions.

The bank, founded in 1859, chose its name after advertising that you could open an account for just a penny.
John Halsey of Brooklyn became the first investor in the bank in 1859 when he deposited $50 and opened his own bank account. As Brooklyn flourished, Dime Bank’s fortunes grew, and by 1884 it had 40,000 customers who invested $12.5 million. The Dimes Community Bank, based in Brooklyn, New York, has existed since 1858.
Today, the Community Bank is headquartered in Brooklyn with 27 branches in the New York metropolitan area and is a leader in delivering on its promise to provide the best financial services.

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