Log in to Eighteenth Bank, Nagasaki

How to login to my account with Eighteenth Bank?

You will find the log in to bank of Eighteenth Bank, Japan by log on to their website https://www.18bank.co.jp/personal/use/ib/login.html which is available in Japanese language only. You can use Google translate to get the website translated in any language you want. Click on a blank space on the page with the right mouse button and choose translate to English or any other language. from the menu that appears and the page will be translated to English or whatever language you choose. The log in box is located as per the following screenshot, click on login screen, enter your customer number, pin and login to your account.

 Eighteenth Bank, Nagasaki, Japan

How can I open an account with Eighteenth Bank?

Use the following link https://www.18bank.co.jp/personal/account/ and if you need to translate the page to another language, please follow the translation instructions as mentioned above for the login. Under open an account, you need to select what type of account you would like to open. Whatever the account type you are going to select, please know that to open an account at the counter, please go to the nearest branch office of the Bank, such as your place of residence or work.
In particular, if you wish to open an account at a store outside Nagasaki Prefecture, they may ask you for confirmation documents in addition to the reason for your request, and in some cases they may refuse to open an account. So, you need to have ready with you at the bank counter: Delivery stamp – Official documents like (driver’s license, passport, etc.) – For those who are eligible for immediate issuance, the bank will issue it on the spot. – Customers who are not eligible for immediate issuance will be delivered to their home at a later date. Please refer to “News Release” and “Notice to Customers” dated March 5, 2012 for the stores handling the immediate issuance service and the applicable conditions.

 Eighteenth Bank, Nagasaki, Japan

What do I need as documentations to open an account with Eighteenth Bank ?

Seal to be used (You cannot apply with a rubber seal, etc.) – Identity verification documents (driver’s license, passport, etc.) – Cash – List of identity verification documents: Identity verification document with face photo – In the case of the following identity verification documents, the bank will verify by presenting the original at the counter:

Driver’s license
Driver’s license (issued after April 1, 2012)
Residence card
My number card (individual number card) etc.
[Identity verification documents without face photo]

In the case of the following identity verification documents, in addition to presenting the original at the counter, other identity verification documents such as a the resident’s card (not a copy) or a utility bill receipt with the current address (mobile phone) The bank will confirm by presenting the receipt with a receipt date of 6 months or less (excluding the receipt for the telephone bill):   

Various health insurance cards
Various welfare notebooks
Various pension notebooks, etc. – In either case, the address, name, and date of birth must be stated.

If the above identity verification documents and your current address are different, please submit the following supplementary documents with your current address:

Another identity verification document with your current address
National / local tax receipt or tax payment certificate
Receipt of social insurance premiums
Utility bill receipt
Documents issued by government offices and similar items with a name and address
Please present the originals of all documents.

Documents with an expiration date are valid as of the date of presentation, and documents with an issue date are limited to those within 6 months from the date of issue. Please note that the bank will record the name, symbol / number, date of birth, etc. of the submitted documents in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

URL: https://log-in.me/eighteenthbank-nagasaki-japan/