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How to login to my account with Emirates NBD bank?

To login to your account with Emirates NBD bank, go to their website’s home page https://www.emiratesnbd.com/en/ on the top right corner of the page, click on online banking, then select online banking. Enter your username, password and login to your account.

How to register for online internet/mobile banking with Emirates NBD BANK?

To register for online internet/mobile banking with NBD, use the same provided link mentioned above for the login. on the top right corner of the page, click on online banking, then select online banking. Then click on register for online internet/mobile banking. You can choose to start registration or you can complete registration started through other channels. You can select to Register now with your account or credit card. or you can Continue registration made from Branch, Call Center or ATM. Or you can complete registration made from branch, or complete registration made from call center, or complete registration made from ATM. Just select the option that suits you and go with the process online.

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How to apply and open different types of accounts with Emirates NBD?

If you would like to open an account or apply for a loan or credit cards…etc, for all services that NBD is offering, you can visit this link https://www.emiratesnbd.com/en/apply-now-form/products/?ref=floater and you will find all info and steps to follow online. It is very easy and simple to check and do necessary steps online, and submit your requests online.

What are the features available on the Dashboard page of Online Banking?

Dashboard page is displayed once you log in to your Online Banking account. You can also access this page anytime by clicking on your profile picture on Main Menu.

NBD have endeavored to provide a dashboard page through which you will be able to see your overall financial status and products at a glance.

You have the option to customize the page, to enable you to track what is important for you.

There you will see the following tabs:

Under these you can view your available balance with upcoming payments, saving accounts and investment portfolio, respectively.

On your first login, NBD will ask you to select a Budget period and Favorite Account. The Money Bar at your dashboard page will work according to these selections.

The star symbol next to the Account Name means this is your favorite account. Considering your scheduled payment and transfers together with your monthly balances, NBD will show your Available Balance, Upcoming Transactions and Safe-to-Spend amount, which is the amount that can be spent safely after performing upcoming payments.

You can switch the view to see the bar chart of balance history for the last 6 months. Once you scroll down, you will be able to see the 360 degree view. This view will show ‘What I Own’ along with possible new products which you can apply for.

Under ‘Recent Transactions’, on the bottom of the page, the last 5 transactions performed through Online or Mobile banking are listed. If you click to “See Account History”, your statement will be displayed.

What are the measures which must be taken to protect my information at all times over the internet or during my normal banking activities ?

In order to protect your password and personal information, NBD is advising you to follow the following simple tips:

Do not use passwords that are easy to guess, e.g. your name, your date of birth, your telephone number(s), etc.
Use a combination of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.
Do not use share your password with anyone and do not use the same password for other websites.
Change your password frequently and never write it down.
Always log into Online Banking via NBD site at the following address: www.emiratesnbd.com and not through other links.
Avoid logging into Online Banking from Internet Cafes, Libraries or public sites.
Always close the window once you have logged out of your Online Banking session.
Important: No one at Emirates NBD will ever ask you for your Online Banking password. If someone does ask you for it, they do not represent the Bank and you should not under any circumstance provide this information.
Protect your Computer and Internet session:

Never share your computer.
Use a combination of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers.
Use a password on your PC to prevent unauthorized access to your information.
Be wary of opening email messages from untrustworthy sources, especially if they contain attachments.
Do not reply to emails that request your personal information. They may appear to come from a trusted friend or business, but they are designed to trick you in disclosing sensitive personal information.
Use personal firewalls and anti-virus software.
Avoid downloading software such as screen savers, desktop themes, games, and other executable type programs from websites that are obscure or unidentifiable. These programs may contain Trojan viruses that would enable hackers to monitor or take over your PC.
Disable all unnecessary services running on your computer.
Always verify that the site is the genuine Emirates NBD site.
Do not leave your Online Banking session unattended at any time.
Before you start your Online Banking session, ensure that all other internet sessions are closed. If your Online Banking session is open NBD recommends that you do not open other internet browsers at the same time.
Please contact NBD’S Customer Service Helpdesk on +97143160316 in case you receive fraudulent emails or require any assistance using NBD Online Banking service.

Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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