Log in to Fortuneo, Paris La Défense, France

You will find the log in to the Internet bank of Fortuneo, by log on to their website  https://mabanque.fortuneo.fr/fr/identification.jsp  which you’ll find in French with no English translation. So all you have to do is click on a blank space on the site with the right mouse button and choose translate to English from the menu that appears and the page will be translated to English. Or any other languages that suits you.  The log in box is in the main page of the site. Enter your login id, password and click on validate to login to your account.

You can also open an account online, by following very few steps. accoridin to the following screenshot, if you would like to open an account with Fortuneo bank, click on open an account, fill the necessary required data and submit the form for approval. 

 Fortuneo, Paris La Défense, France

To monitor your accounts, Fortuneo offers a clean, easy-to-read app offering all of the core features of a bank app. Available on both iOS and Android, Fortuneos interface is especially easy to read, and the app is packed with features. Sons mobile app is simple and intuitive to use to manage bank accounts & it also gives access to new features including Instant payments (free Instant Bank Transfer, a secure Internet payments service (CB Virtual Bank Card), option of blocking/unblocking of credit cards, or the Intraday Wallet for doing your stock trading…and for making mobile payments, especially using Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay.

La banque mobile Fortuneo is a leading French player for the management of accounts and savings online with son application mobile. Fortuneo is designed to be full-service with expertise that is used by the traditional banks. Among many online banks, Fortuneo is no newcomer, having built up years of experience in this industry.

If to some, Fortuneo Online Bank means nothing, Fortuneo is still one of the oldest neobanks, and its expertise is well-established. The benefit over many online banks, and particularly the neobanks, is that Fortuneo Bank offers French IBAN, which is really handy if you are looking to make this your primary account. Fortuneo offers a EUR 150 bonus when opening a bank account with a bank card.

In addition, Fortuneo will also give you vouchers worth up to 100 euros for using any of the Mobility Assistance Services offered by Fortuneo Bank. Until 9 June 2022, 50 euros are offered for your first usage of Fortuneos banking mobility assistance service, NeoChange. It is still a bit too little known that since 2015, a law has required banks to simplify the lives of consumers by offering free mobility assistance services in banks with deposited accounts.

Your old bank is also required to inform you about any transactions that might occur to your old account once it is closed. When sending or receiving international wires from your bank, you could be losing money due to poor exchange rates.

SWIFT codes are used by SWIFT for the transmission of wire transfers (money transactions) and messages among banks and financial institutions around the world. SWIFT codes are broken up into sections, just like phone numbers are broken up into sections, and each section shows a little bit of information about the institution that is assigned the code. If that section is left out, you get a Swift code with 8 characters, which is assumed to be for HEAD OF OFFICE for an institution.

Typically, there is always one bank behind a lending organisation, which is the case of Sofinco, which is managed by Credit Agricole. Axa Bank is the sister of the insurance company Axa, Boursorama Bank of Societe Generale Societe Generale, BforBank du Credit Agricole, Fortune of Credit mutuel Arkea, Hello Bank of BNP Paribas BNP Paribas, ING Direct of Dutch bank ING, Monabanq of Credit mutuel CIC, Orange Bank of the Orange phone group Orange phone group. Axa Bank is subsidiary of Axa insurance company, Boursorama Bank of Societe Generale Societe Generale, BforBank du Credit Agricole, Fortune of Credit mutuel Arkea, Hello Bank of BNP Paribas BNP Paribas, ING Direct of bank Dutch ING, Monabanq of Credit mutuel CIC, Orange Bank of the Orange telephone group the Orange telephone group. The Arkea Group comprises banks CrA(c) dit Mutuel de Bretagne, CrA(c) dit Mutuel de Sud-Ouest, and CrA(c) dit Mutuel de la France, and CBA (c) of Bretagne, along with about 30 specialist subsidiaries that provide comprehensive financial services to individuals, businesses, and Local Government.

The strong performance of ArkA(c)aas is demonstrated by the healthy business growth, the economy and the financial results being amongst the best in banking. Financo was born in 1986, with an immediate focus on providing consumer access to credit beyond banking networks. Their Carrefour Bank, their brand, launched in 2011, was formerly the Cash Payments Company and the Carrefour Carma Insurance. Their brand Anytime, thus continuing to exist, became 100% subsidiary to Orange bank, which is part of Orange phone group itself.

The information, particularly the financial information, that is distributed through this part of Credit Mutuel Arkeas site This part of Credit Mutuel Arkeas site should not be considered an investment inducement. The information and documents hosted on this section of the Credit Mutuel Arkeas website are not directed at individuals or companies who, because of their nationality, domicile, place of residence, or for other reasons, are subject to a state law prohibiting individuals or companies from accessing foreign financial services providers websites, or restricting them thereto, are restricted for individuals or companies that are subject to such laws. La Banque Mobile Fortuneo, indicates that the privacy practices of the application may include data treatment, as described below.

I am not sure whether this is because Fortuneo does not pay Linxo for its periodic updates, or what, but it is pretty sad. Even if your budget is made with Linxo, it is neither as stable nor supports as many banks as Linxo. Fortuneo has further arguments to persuade you to switch the primary bank, besides a EUR80 welcome bonus (legal notices on that address). Among the cards offered as part of the welcome offer, you found Fosfos Mastercard Bank Card and the Gold Mastercard.

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Last Updated on June 8, 2022

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