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Bank of Monarch Financial Holdings, based in Monarch Beach, California, offers a range of internet banking services to its customers. Here are some of the services they provide:

Online Banking: Customers can access their accounts, view account balances, and manage transactions through the bank’s online banking platform.

Mobile Banking: Bank of Monarch Financial Holdings offers a mobile app (available for iOS and Android) that allows customers to access their accounts, make transfers, and pay bills on-the-go.

Bill Payment: Customers can pay their bills through the online banking platform or mobile app.

Fund Transfers: Online banking allows customers to transfer funds between their accounts, or send money to other Bank of Monarch Financial Holdings customers or non-customers.

Account Management: Customers can view account statements, modify account settings, and set up account alerts through the online banking platform.

Investment Services: The bank offers investment services, such as mutual funds, IRAs, and annuities, through its subsidiary, Monarch Investment Services.

Business Banking: Bank of Monarch Financial Holdings provides online banking services specifically designed for businesses, including cash management, payroll processing, and wire transfer services.

To access these internet banking services, customers need to enroll in the bank’s online banking system. The enrollment process typically requires personal and account information, as well as a valid email address and phone number. Once enrolled, customers can use their username and password to log in and access their accounts.

For more information about Bank of Monarch Financial Holdings’ internet banking services, I recommend visiting their website (www.monarchbank.com) or contacting their customer service department directly.

Last Updated on June 11, 2024

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