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You will find the log in to Nabil Bank, by log on to their website’s home page. Whether you have a personal or business account, the login box is in the upper right corner of the website home page. Click on login, enter your login id, password and login to your account with Nabil bank.

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In pursuit of its primary objective, Nabil Bank Limited provides full range of commercial banking services through 93 points of presence. Nabil Bank represents a landmark in Nepals banking history, having initiated the modern banking era, where the focus is on client satisfaction measures while conducting its activities. Nabil Bank offers a number of financial products and services, including deposits products, bancassurance services, automobile loans, mortgage loans, education loans, lending products for small-to-medium enterprises, money transmission services, commercial financing, clearance and bill collection, credit cards, debit cards, acquisition services, and electronic banking services. As the first private sector bank of Nepal, Nabil Bank has continued to be a leading bank in the country.

Nabil was established with a primary focus on providing the latest banking services in accordance with international standards for different sectors of the community. The Bank was established with an aim of providing state-of-the-art, international-standard financial services for businesses. Nabil Bank has also extended credit to the agricultural sector and helped to develop agricultural technologies in this field, in coordination with different institutions and companies.

Supporting female entrepreneurs

Nabil Bank is also promoting gender equality by providing credit to female entrepreneurs, following a recommendation from the Federation of Female Entrepreneurs Associations in the country. This program is meant to connect Nepals higher education to Nabil Bank in order to produce successful social entrepreneurs.

The new endeavour initiated by Nabil Bank to develop social entrepreneurs and sustainable banking is aligned with the national development goals and objectives of the country. In the direction of uplifting society, Nabil Bank has been conducting several activities to promote social entrepreneurship and sustainable banking, which has emerged as various campaigns within the country’s banking sector.

Exploring innovations in banking

A multi-stakeholder partnership, including universities, and domestic and international agencies, has contributed in exploring innovations in banking, which has separated Nabil Bank from remaining banking institutions in the country. Nabil Bank operates through a vast network of 119 branches, 185 ATMs, and over 1,500 Nabil Remittance Agents scattered throughout Nepal. Nabil Bank, one of the largest commercial banks in the country, has signed an amalgamation agreement with Nepal-Bangladesh joint venture, Nepal Bangladesh Bank. Nepal Bangladesh Bank is a joint venture between Nepal and Bangladesh.

The deal means the existing 100 shares in Nepal Bangladesh Bank will be converted to 43 shares of Nabil Bank Limited once the takeover process is completed. After the completion of the acquisition, the combined entity will have a combined equity base of Rs23 billion, according to the exchange rate. Following the plan for the acquisition, the agreement was reached for all business transactions by NBB) to be carried out under Nabil Banks name, while the present board members of NBB would continue as the Board, according to the notification issued by Nabil Bank.

Rumors have been floating for some time that the acquisitions of the two banks are taking place, but no such process has started. Other A-class banks including Nepal Investment Bank and Himalayan Bank were also undergoing mergers. The authorities at the IFIC bank have not disclosed a potential purchaser for the Nepalese title, nor have they offered to make any comments on this matter.

Binod Chaudhary, Chairman, Chaudhary Group, Nepal has been trying to purchase shares in NBB from IFIC Bank Bangladesh since last year, but has failed to succeed because of various obstacles. Nabil Bank is invested by Chaudhary Group of Nepal, while IFIC Bank of Bangladesh holds shares of NBB. NBB)s stock price in the Nepal Stock Exchange has increased 30% over the last 15 days, reaching Rs408.

For more details and information, you can always visit your nearest branch or check out the banks website.

Nabil Digi Workspace

At the Nabil Digi Workspace, Nabils employees are able to perform daily tasks/work via digital processes. The goal of Digitization Officer is to design, manage, and provide digital products alongside the digitization of the banks diverse business processes and procedures, in an efficient partnership with stakeholders and service providers.

In order to promote and encourage the CTEVT graduates to be entrepreneurs and contribute more towards the countrys economy with the start-up business and creation of job opportunities, Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) has signed an MoU with Nabil Bank Limited. It started its operations as Nepals first multi-national (mostly foreign) investor-initiated bank (as Nepal Arab Bank Limited) on July 12, 1984. Anil Keshari Shah was hopeful that this scheme would help students to develop skills in industry and generate jobs, thus helping to transform society.

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