Log in to Rokel Commercial Bank, Freetown, Sierra Leone ‘s Internet Online Bank

There are more than one simple ways whether to login or to register with the Internet bank of Rokel Commercial Bank, Freetown, Sierra Leone. If you would like to login to your Rokel commercial bank, you just go to the home page as it shows in the following screenshot, then click on login online banking. Once you do this another box will appear in order to sign in or login with your user id and password.

Or click as it shows in the screenshot above on “our website” which is under “the bank” and you will be able to register/login whether it is personal or business or whether you would like to apply to become a client of Internet bank of Rokel Commercial Bank, as it shows in the following screenshot.


Rokel Commercial Bank offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your every need. These include the following:

Checking, Savings and Deposit Accounts
Money Transfers
ATM / POS Locations
Rokel Sim Korpor
Call Accounts
E – Banking Solutions
VISA Debit Card
Treasury and Fund Management
Trade Finance
Cash Management
Indicative Offer Rates
Retail Banking Products
Loans and Overdrafts to meet business needs
Foreign Currency accounts denominated in the major international currencies
SWIFT Transfers
Visa Encashment
Travel Services
Safe Custody Deposits
Mobile Banking Services

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